Saucy Mama Dirty Martini Olive Juice, 12-Ounce Boxes

Get dirty in style, but stay classy with the classic martini olive juice you love.

Quick facts

  • 12 fl oz Olive Juice

Top reviews

Pkg. was UNDELIVERABLE, but I never got notified. And I want this item!

I want this UNDELIVERABLE product. This is what the tranking record states, but I was never notified of it. What is going on???
BettyMount Morris, MI

Dirty Is Definitely A Good Way To Describe It

I found this product to be horrible. The juice was extremely cloudy and there was also a thick white colored residue at the bottom of the bottle. It cleared somewhat when shaken in the bottle however it never went away. I felt the juice tasted somewhat bitter and I didn’t care for the taste it added in my martini. I stored several bottles sideways on a shelf in my liquor cabinet and noticed within about two months they were leaking from around the cap with a rusty slimy residue dripping out.
LionelNappanee, IN

What I expected

I’ve had a hard time finding Olive Juice on store shelves for dirty martini’s.
Took a chance and ordered Saucy Mama Dirty Martini Olive Juice I was not disappointed. Makes for a great dirty martini.
KyraDawson Springs, KY

Martini’s best friend

This product is perfect to create a delicious dirty martini. It is cocentrated so a little goes a long way. Highly recommend it. I no longer have jars and jars of olives minus the juice in my frig.
KelsiNorthfield, NJ

dirty martini olive mix

product is exactly as described – ordered a case & all twelve bottles came in tact – it was one of the better values for this specific product – i have no hesitation in recommending saucy mamma dirty martini olive juice
DarnellDelta, CO

A steal for any dirty martini lover!

Dirty Martinis are my favorite drink. I used to just add the juice from a bottle of olives into my martini but I would go through the juice faster than the olives and my fridge was holding multiple “juiceless” bottles of olives. When I found this product I thought it was too good to be true – pure olive juice with no olives?? Then I saw the price so I had to jump on the deal. Saucy Mama’s olive juice is delicious and potent! I use about half of the amount of juice I normally would use from a bottle of olives, making the product last a long time. I have given a few bottles away to dirty martini lovers and have gone through quite a few at home and even almost a year after my purchase I still have a few bottles left to use. This item is definitely worth the price and is a quality product – why pay more??
NorineCologne, MN


The first 12 were great the second 12 was spoiled But amazon contacted the supplier and shipped another batch so far they are ok.
JayCambridge, NY

Don’t worry that it’s cloudy — it’s great for dirty martinis!

Someone said that “cloudy” was a problem — I just bought an expensive clear one that I thought lacked flavor. This one is rich and has that perfect saltiness we’ve all come to expect. I’m satisfied, thank goodness because I bought all 12 bottles!
DemetraColumbia, CT


This is very concentrated, so it takes some tweaking and getting used to so you can find the right flavor for yourself… All in all it is a great product, and I am no longer buying olives and using all the juice, then having multiple cans opened in my fridge.
MoriahMillboro, VA

Just Vile

I’ve never written a review before, perhaps because I’ve never been so spectacularly disappointed in a product. Yes, this is inexpensive, and for a reason! First, every bottle has some strange white residue floating in it, which you can’t strain out. The juice itself gives the martini an nasty, metallic taste. I bought a case, used two bottles, and threw the rest out. If you want a good, reasonably-priced dirty martini mix, try Boscoli.
BrennaHarrisonburg, VA

Interesesting, limited use.


I concur that this fluid, which I have ordered and taken with premium vodka, is interesting. Yet no one alive demands a higher sodium diet. What this and other “dirty” cocktail mix makers want is the good sense to develop no sodium mixes. Until then, reduce this and other salty cocktail mixes with 50% spring water. Same buzz when blended, much lower salt.
Clint Williams

DinaPort Republic, MD

Very good.

Like a lot of other reviewers, I was tired of having a fridge full of olives without juice. This product makes a very tasty dirty martini.I will be buying again.
LavetteEckley, CO

great stuff

title says it all! great for martinis and I really like to put in in the bloody marys that I make,
PamalaLansford, PA

Great mixer 1/2 the price!!

I ordered a case of Saucy Mama dirty martini mix. I have found it to be excellent tasting. I am very happy with it and will order again.
HarrisonGays, IL