Savini Tartufi White Truffle Oil – 8 ozs.

Premium Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with White Truffles – used by Top Chef’s worldwide. 4th generation truffle hunter, Cristiano, maintains strict quality control to insure freshness of all their products.

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Heavenly Oil

A chance introduction to Savini Tartufi White Truffle oil has become one our delightful pasta experiences. A light dribble of oil, with a sliver of goat cheese, and our pasta is complete.

This Savini oil has the aroma and the finish of a great flavored oil, with the sophisticated delicacy to warrant the price.

Other domestic oils finish so harshly as to be distasteful and disagreeable. Having experienced this oil, we know what good food may be experienced,

We discovered this oil upon the learning our previous oil was no longer being imported. It too was wonderful, but our need to have a replacement, a superior truffle oil, sent us searching, and we found this Italian export through

For those enjoying truffles, I heartily recommend this oil for eggs, pasta, salads, where ever a premium oil would add a delicate note to the flavors of the dish.

DarnellUlmer, SC

Savini Tartufi White Truffle Oil-OMG THIS IS AMAZING!

Just received my order today. I immediately tasted the oil & it is amazing! Anyone that cooks can improve their dishes with a small splash of this product! I had a rather common appetizer last weekend until my host poured a little bit of this oil on the hummus. OMG, nectar of the Gods! I ate all of the dip myself. Probably would have snarled at anyone who dared to touch it!

I was also very impressed with this company, their responsiveness, the speed of delivery, and their packaging. Seriously, this oil could have been tossed under the wheel of a truck & it could not have been broken. I will absolutely use this company again & refer all my foodie friends!

IvoryMaxwell, CA

good stuff

what more can i say than that it is quality truffle oil…you will not need to use a lot at a time if used correctly…only use this as a finishing oil, that is immediately before or during plating. do not apply during any part of the cooking process or it will lose its potency. definitely worth the money high quality truffle oil with a great taste…enjoy
YolandaPagosa Springs, CO

OK White Truffle Oil

Recently purchased through Amazon and delivery arrived promptly and beautifully packaged inside the box – and was a decent sized bottle. Both my wife and I love real white and black truffles, and we thought the oil smelled wonderful, but to be honest we are somewhat disappointed with the flavor, which was metallic and overly “meaty” in taste. Also, the bottle opening does not have a flow drip control, so instead of using a few drops/drizzle, it tends to pour out and you need to be very careful not to use too much or it ruins/overwhelms the food dish. Maybe we got a funky bottle but we were hoping for a better gourmet experience.
BritniTangerine, FL