Savu Smoker Bag for the Oven & Grill in Hickory, 3 Pack

The SAVU Smoker Bag is a fabulous product patented by a Finnish company. The bags are made of foil and contain natural wood chips and sugar. No glue – no chemicals. Place fish, poultry, beef, or pork and potatoes and veggies inside the bag, close it up and place it on a hot grill — and you’ve got naturally smoked food in minutes! Each package includes usage instructions and recipes.

Quick facts

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  • Available individually, in set of 3 or a mixed pack. Recommended by Cook’s Illustrated!
  • Natural wood chips — in the bag — create real smoked flavor in minutes!
  • Smoke food right in your oven or on the grill!
  • Complete meals in one bag – fish, poultry or meat and potatoes and veggies. Quick and easy, no turni
  • No chemicals or glue – only all natural, low-fat cooking. Safe and easy cooking on public picnic & c

Top reviews

smoker bags – alder

This was represented as 3 bags and was only one. I could have bought one bag at 1/3 of the price elsewhere.
LourdesBerwyn, NE

Smoked the house more than the food

I bought this item based on such good reviews. I thought I would do some ribs in the stove using a smoker bag instead going out in the cold to use the barbeque grill, but what a mistake. I followed the directions exactly and all I got was a smoky house and smoky clothes. The ribs had a weird and faint wood taste not smoky like you get on the grill. YUCK! The ribs were the worst I ever tasted. I usually don’t do reviews unless I feel it’s necessary and this is one of those times. I really expected to have good results. I give this one TWO THUMBS DOWN.
ContessaCarson City, MI

Don’t buy

I would not recommend in the slightest. It makes my whole house smell like a smoker (even with an air purifier running), the food does not taste like it is smoked and I’ve done ribs and chicken and both just come out mushy like they have been steamed. Don’t buy it!
JessiaChaplin, CT

Delicious and easy!

I have only used one bag so far, but I put in a 2-lb salmon fillet glazed with an apple juice reduction and the results were so delicious that my family of three ate the entire fillet in one sitting. Neither my husband, nor my daughter have ever even liked salmon before. It was incredibly easy, the directions are very clear, and best of all: no mess to clean up!
DesmondSaint Johns, AZ

SAVU smoker bags

I love these bags. Make the best ribs ever. I put ribs in the bag with a dry rub according to directions. After about 1 hour, I take out of oven and let sit for 30 min. Then I slit the bag down the top, add a gooey sauce and broil or BBQ to brown. Moist, delicious—everyone raves as the meat falls off the bones. The whole process takes less than 2 hours.
TonitaKrum, TX

Received a Substitute

Whereas the Savu Smoker Bag is an excellent product, I was disappointed at the fact that the supplier decided to substitute without prior acknowledgement.
VondaCarp Lake, MI

Hardly any flavor

I followed the instructions to the letter. I cooked 3 pieces of salmon. They were dry and no smoke flavor. The price is too high.
KattieThorsby, AL

great trick and delicious for ribs or brisket.

I’ve lived in apartments with no outdoor space for years– but can always get nicely smoked foods by using these bags. True, your entire home will smell like wood smoke, but not such a bad thing (you can always undercook a bit, take the meat out and finish it outside the bag if you don’t want a strong smell to linger). The times for cooking and the recipes included on the inside are right on target every time, you really can’t go wrong. Makes wonderful brisket– I let it cool after cooking, slice it, and then add sauce and reheat. My friends and I agree that the poultry/fish bags aren’t quite as good.

The first I tried was a similar import from William’s Foods, but they no longer carry these. Wish I could get them locally, but this works!

LeonardMexia, AL


I have been using these smoker bags for several years. the first time I used them I bought them from my local Cub foods grocery store. i however now just order them on line since I can get them year around. I have used them on the grill, but mostly inside in the oven. I use them mainly for smoking ribs and turkey legs. They always come out perfect. Everyone compliments me on the flavor and tenderness of the meat. I usually finish them up on the gas grill with barbeque sauce for that perfct taste. I have given these away to friends nd family and they are now using them. I would be really surprised if anyone tried them and didn’t like them.


I used a smoker bag to make incredible pulled pork. I used a 6 lb pork shoulder and seasoned it. Placed in the smoker bag at 225. I put mine in the oven at midnight and let it slow roast till 7 am. I was afraid at this low heat it would not get smokey enough but it was perfect. I pulled the pork apart in the juices from the bag and it was as good as any pulled pork I’ve had.

LeifEmmaus, PA


To the person who rated this low to due getting just 1 bag…read what you order. Very unfair to rate a product 1 star due to your own error.
The bags are great!! So far I’ve only tried the alder one which gives a lighter taste than the mesquite.
*Read the instructions WELL on the INside of the cardboard*
I bought a 4-pack of rainbow trout from […] and rubbed kosher salt inside the fish a couple of hours before cooking. Preheated oven to 475F, placed 1 large cubed zucchini and the 4 fish inside the bag, folded closed and placed on a low rack. Lowered temp to 375F after 15 min and continued for another 25-30 min (3 lbs of fish) = perfection! My kids were crazy about eating “fish tummy” and this couldn’t have been any easier to cook or easier to clean up.
A very light smoke lingered around the kitchen, but nothing that I’d need to even open the windows for. If the smell is a problem, use your bbq (instructions include oven, coal or gas grill).
Too bad the price is such a rip off…these are available for under a buck in Finland.
CharletteCampbell Hill, IL

Smoker bag is great! Transaction was great! Thanks!

These bags are incredible. We use the hickory smoke bag. The food comes out tasty, tender and with virtually no clean up. I recommend them highly. We love them.
MacNiota, TN

Smoker Cooking

The Savu Bags were simple to use and gave our meat a super smoked flavor. Made cleanup easy and quick.
MauritaYork Springs, PA