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No wasabi in this wasabi

I have looked up the ingredients and there is zero wasabi in this product.

Horseradish is the number one ingredient.

Horseradish wasabi is “wasabi”, not WASABI !!!

If you’ve only eaten sushi with wasabi paste, you’ve probably never had the real thing.

FelishaWest Chesterfield, NH

Not real wasabi, but so what? Still great on sushi!

Several reviewers point out that this product is made with horseradish, not real wasabi, and gave it a low rating because they perceive it to be “fake”. Yes, horseradish is much inferior to real wasabi in taste qualities, but I think that is missing the point. Very few people outside of Japan know what real wasabi tastes or even looks like, so the point is moot. If you are looking at any kind of prepared “wasabi” product, chances are almost 100% that it will be Western horseradish (seiyo wasabi) and not Japanese wasabi. Don’t expect to find 100% pure wasabi in a tube.

Japanese routinely eat sushi with “fake” wasabi, so there is no stigma against it. Real wasabi is too prized and scarce to grind up in large batches and let sit around. Once grated, real wasabi loses its pungency very quickly in the presence of oxygen (within 15-20 minutes). When presented to diners, wasabi is offered as a small root placed on top of a grater so you can grind the paste yourself.

Few Japanese people expect real wasabi except at fine sushi restaurants. Everywhere else, it’s this horseradish stuff dyed an unnatural shade of green, either offered as a tube or a ball of “wasabi clay” made from powdered horseradish. Real wasabi is notoriously finicky about its growing conditions and difficult to cultivate. What quantities not quickly snapped up by restaurants are sold to end consumers fresh as thumb shaped roots. Availability was sporadic and unpredictable in my supermarkets when I lived in Japan, and most people are happy with buying prepared wasabi substitutes like this for everyday use. S&B tube wasabi is commonly found in Japanese grocery stores and homes. It is also included as little squeeze packets in supermarket sushi sets.

If you ever have the chance to try real wasabi, do it! The taste is so different and hard to describe.. it has a sort of sweetness and pleasant pungency that horseradish cannot reproduce. Horseradish just gives you that powerful nasal burn. Real wasabi doesn’t.

That having been said, S&B is an excellent sushi condiment when real wasabi isn’t practical or available. I have used it for many years and will continue to use it. The paste easily dilutes into the soy sauce and coats sushi and sashimi well.

LucianaSwanlake, ID

Not Hon-Wasabi

This wasabi-flavored product seems more horseradish than wasabi. I doubt there is ANY real wasabi in it, more token flavoring.
AudreaObion, TN

Easy to use but…

S&B Wasabi is very easy to use. It is packaged in a nice squeese tube. However, the so-called wasabi just tastes like horseradish made with green food coloring. If you are a picky fan of sushi as I am, it might be best to look elsewhere for the wasabi experience that you are looking for.
KimberleyStephenson, MI

Best Wasabi Ever!!!

This is the real wasabi if you love japanese horseradish. All others are mellowed or watered down. This is real flavor so use it sparingly.
TimothyHuey, IL


I know, it’s not wasabi and it’s not supposed to be. I get that.

However this tastes LITERALLY like horseradish mixed with mayo. There are wasabi alternatives that actually taste somewhat close to natural wasabi. This stuff is horrible, I picked some up today at Kroger’s and am thinking about taking it back (I’ve never done that before in my life).

RevaAtlanta, MI

Wow, that’s hot.

I would like to start off by saying I’m no expert on food – especially sushi. But I know I like sushi so much so that I learned to make it at home rather than go out to an expensive restaurant to get it. So I bought some wasabi because you can’t really have sushi without it in my opinion.

Some reviewers don’t like this because they claim it isn’t real wasabi. That may be true – I don’t know quite honestly. I just know that although the texture was a little creamier than what I got in a restaurant, it still did the trick. It was very hot and I really liked it. But use VERY sparingly. I made the mistake of putting too much on, I thought it wouldn’t pack a punch and wow was I wrong.

This tube will last me quite awhile. I have made three batches of sushi and I haven’t hardly put a dent in the bottle yet.

PaulitaWindham, ME

I second the other “Terrible” review

When I went to my local QFC in Seattle, I was pressed for time to get to a memorial function, so when I found they only had this product and no powdered wasabi, I gave it a try. I was bringing a smoked fish plate, and I wanted to make a wasabi mayonnaise to accompany the other usual sides for this appetizer.

Interesting that the other “terrible” review said it tasted like it was blended with mayonnaise. Obviously, I WANTED it to taste like wasabi mayo, which I’ve made many times with excellent results, and why not? It’s just wasabi and mayo!!!

When I whipped this batch up at the function, it tasted excessively salty, almost like baking soda, which rendered it unservable. Lucky I had other condiments so no huge deal.

I know I’ve used pre-made in the tube in the past, but this brand was truly awful. So, people, learn from my mistake: buy powder, add hot water, you’re done-enjoy!

JudsonMason, TX

decent wasabi in a tube.

Eh — it’s wasabi and it’s in a tube — it tastes just fine. However, I prefer the powdered wasabi that comes in a little jar that you mix with water.
LourdesAntoine, AR


Tastes just like the wasabi in stores and restaurants. You get about twice the amount
of product for the money than in the stores. Grocery shopping by internet has a future.
CarmelLarchwood, IA

Wow! Strong!

I’ve never had Wasabi before and I was surprised by the intensity. I got some on my hand and licked it off…It hit me like I’d inhaled toxic fumes. It was difficult to breathe for a few seconds and it left my lungs feeling kind of hollow. It was hard to believe that it didn’t taste a lot more spicy. Yes, it was spicy, but not overwhelmingly so. It was more of a surprise. If you’ve never had this before, prepare yourself.
TeenaBrookfield, IL


Wow is this stuff ever the greatest. i like to mix it into my miracle whip and eat it on my hamburgers. love it, love it, love it. Wasbi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DesireGrand Island, NE

Great Taste

This is the best pre-packaged Wasabi I have found. It has a great texture too. I only buy this now that a friend recommended it and I tried it.wa
EarleanMajuro, MH


I love wasabi and in particular the S&B brand. Finding it online at a great price was wonderful and the seller shipped it quickly. I will return to this seller again.
MelodyMc Kees Rocks, PA