Scarpetta Arrabbiata Sauce, 19.8-Ounce Jar

Fresh. Fast. Easy. Gluten free. Vegetarian. We are committed to using only fresh and natural ingredients in our authentic Italian recipes. Great over pasta, lasagna and pizza. Simmer over chicken, meat or fish. These sauces offer many possibilities for use in easy to prepare meals. Conveniently packaged, this jar is microwavable, freezable and re-usable.

Quick facts

  • Pack of four, 19.8-ounce (total of 79.2-ounce)
  • Gluten free
  • 100% vegetarian
  • Trans fat free
  • Cholesterol free

Top reviews


not only did I receive 4 flavors instead of the one that I ordered*just like the other reviewer* I couldn’t use the vodka/cream flavor….the others were all diluted…lacking punch and flavor…
I added spices, capers, anchovies, olives, etc……I didn’t need to spend $20 for sauces that I had to enhance. I have made better at home, from scratch, for a few shekels.
DollieLoves Park, IL

Not worth the trouble.

The first time I ordered this product I received 4 different styles instead of only Arrabbiata which I ordered. Amazon sent a new set because of the error. However, when it arrived two of the four containers were open and moldy.
AngelicaMechanicsville, MD


You won’t find yourself soaking up the last trace of Scarpetta pasta sauce on your plate with a slice of pugliese. In fact, I would be surprised if you even made it through the meal.

I’ll have to contact Amazon as well, because at least one of my containers was leaking and I received a variety pack instead of only arrabiata. I love arrabiata sauce and it’s not easy to find. However, something just went very wrong with this one. It’s possible that it arrived spoiled, because it tasted somewhat foul and I developed a stomach ache a couple hours after I tasted a few bites of pasta and pushed the plate aside.

I don’t even know if I want to try out the other three containers anymore. Life is short. Eat accordingly.

BertieAlvaton, KY

Delicious, but 2 jars broken!

The shipment of 4 jars arrived with 2 of them broken, poorly packaged. Customer Service will replace them, though. And then I tried the sauce, just as is, over pasta with Parmesan cheese on top. DELICIOUS!!! Just hot enough to get your attention but not so hot that it would burn your mouth. Wonderful, I can’t wait for the replacement! If it weren’t for the poor packaging job, I would give it 5 stars.
CherrieTerra Ceia, FL

Good product – bad packaging!

This is the second time I have purchased Scarpetta Sauce. The first time the packaging was intact, the second time, one of the bottles had a broken seal, so very moldy sauce had leaked into the box and onto the other bottles. This is expensive sauce and even though it is tasty, I will not buy it again.
NaSanta Claus, IN

Tasty low calorie sauce

I was surprised to see this delicious sauce rated so low, but then I read the reviews and saw people had been having problems with receiving the wrong item or with open and spoiled jars. I have ordered this twice now and luckily have had neither of those problems. Hopefully this means those problems are no longer happening.

As to the sauce itself, it looks and tastes very fresh. It’s a little spicy, but not too much, and so long as you mix it before serving is not watery as one reviewer described it. The colour is good and it looks very appetising when mixed with something such as a wholewheat rigatoni. It is also very low calorie, only 40 calories per serving (or about 200 for the entire jar), and has only fresh, wholesome ingredients, no preservatives, etc. I like it so much I have set it up for auto delivery, which brings the price (which is a little high) down 15%.

VerdaBroxton, GA

Packaging is fine

Other reviews said the packaging was inadequate, broken or not air tight. That was not my experience. Arrived in good condition (I checked every bottle for a proper seal). The sauce is very good compared to store brands and the price is reasonable considering the quality.
PatrinaMorris Plains, NJ

Better Now

I’m sure they have changed the packaging since the earlier reviews. I’ve ordered this sauce several times recently and all containers have been intact with expiration dates far in the future. I’ve odered this sauce more than once because I like it very much. The price is very reasonable compared to other brands in the stores when it can be found at all. It’s spicey, as it should be, but not overly so. As with their other sauces, there are recognizable chuncks of the various ingredients rather than a uniform liquid when its impossible to tell what’s in it.
ZinaPleasant Hill, OR

Just delicious!

I hate seeing poor reviews for this product which really are not the fault of the product. I’m sorry if jars arrive broken and can imagine that’s very frustrating but that’s not the fault of the product. I really can’t imagine anyone denying this sauce is spectacular! It’s spicy enough without causing pain and discomfort. Like no pasta sauce in a jar you have ever eaten I promise. Delish PLUS low cal, low fat and low carb. I couldn’t ask for anything more. (All the Scarrpetta sauces are divine actually but this and the Vodka sauce have a special place in my heart.)
NedraEastlake, OH

Hot and Spicey

It is a great tasting product. Easy to use..

Problem is much to spicy for the remaining family members..

Good point. More for me!!

AureliaAngel Fire, NM