Scarpetta Tomato and Artichoke Bruschetta Topping, 15.8-Ounce Containers

Gluten free. Vegetarian. No sugar. No preservatives. Low count on carbs, fat and cholesterol. This container is microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe! Bruschetta’s very simplicity lends itself to countless variations. Served warm or cold, use as a bake sauce or condiment for fish or poultry, in the oven or on the grill. Mix with pasta for a fantastic cold pasta salad. Bruschetta knows no season! With very little effort, you can create one of the great rustic dishes of Italy. Tradition: Served as a popular appetizer in ancient Rome, bruschetta was made in the summer when local Roma tomatoes were at their peak. The bread was grilled and flavored by rubbing it with garlic and olive oil and topped with tomatoes blended into a sauce. We’ve recreated this tradition using authentic recipes and savory ingredients for you to enjoy all year long.

Quick facts

  • Pack of four, 15.8-ounce containers (total 63.2 ounces)
  • Served warm or cold
  • Gluten free, vegan
  • Container is microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe
  • Bruschetta knows no season

Top reviews

Tons of artichokes

This tastes exactly like it is homemade. The jar is so generous with artichokes, I was shocked. The seasoning is mild and it is tasty on chicken with added fresh Parmasean cheese. I also tried it with bruschetta bread and found I ate too many pieces! In fact it was dinner one night with a salad.There are so many uses for this sauce. If you like tomatoes and artichokes, you will love this product. When you read other reviews you will see adverse comments on packaging. I think the manufacturer must have corrected it since the jars came in a nicely made, well fitting box lined with styrofoam on the top and bottom and dividers. The product containers are thick plastic with a screw on lid that could also be reused. I washed a couple in my DW and they held up perfectly.
AngelicaBlanchard, IA

Heavy Olive/Brine Flavor

I found this product to have a heavy olive brine flavor to it. The product had little tomato flavor and while there are plenty of artichokes all I really taste is olive. I added fresh diced tomato prior to using with guests.
BroderickBridgeport, PA

Just does not taste good 🙁

I have bought Artichoke Bruschetta spread at Costco and I have made it myself. I love the stuff. I was pretty excited to see this available on amazon. It even comes beautifully packaged. Unfortunately this is a poorly seasoned tomato sauce with a few chunks of pitted olives and artichokes floating in it. It is not really thick enough to be a bruschetta topping and I really did not care for the way it was seasoned at all. It had an almost licorice taste to it that overpowered everything else. I am not even sure how I can doctor it into something we will eat. I am bummed.
LakiaWeaubleau, MO


I’ve tried many Scarpetta products but this one is truly scrumptious! Some of the other reviews stated that the jars arrived outdated. I’ve had that happen to me too…..once before….. and just ended up throwing out the four jars since they were UNDOUBTEDLY spoiled. Unfortunately I never thought to complain to Amazon and ask for replacements……live and learn…..I knew food could not be returned but replacing bad, outdated food…..I should have realized I could do that!! However, those were the sauce, not this bruschetta topping. This topping has a wonderful fresh home-made tomato flavor and the artichokes are whole and delicious. I ate two of the jars on bagel chips but just used a spoon on the third. Mmmmmm good!! The fourth jar I gave as a gift to my uncle. He did not care for this bruschetta as much as the ones his many friends make for him becaue they use lots and lots of garlic and black olives which he loves much more than artichokes. This topping is mild but so very flavorful. If I don’t eat it all just by itself, I’ll try it on fish or chicken like some of the other reviewers suggested. It really is a very versatile topping. I highly recommend it to everyone.
ElbertFrakes, KY

expired sauce

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, 2 of the containers lost their seal and went bad. I looked at the other 2 containers and the expiration date was Jan 08. Gimme a break! They arrived 04/25/08. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and will negate this bad review if the replacement is fine.
EstellGrayson, GA

Scarpetta Tomato and Artichoke Bruschetta Topping

I first had bruschetta at a house warming. I was stunned by how fantastic it was. This particular product does have a generous amount of artichokes and is very yum, but not quite as good as fresh homemade. Goes well with toasty garlic rubbed bread. The container has a tamper-evident seal under the screw-down lid that needs to be fully removed before it is safe for the microwave. Even the smallest bit that remains on the edge can spark up and release some nasty smoke that not only smells bad, but can flavor your bruschetta in a bad way.
BrendaCrook, CO

Great taste — So so packaging.

I ordered a total of 6 Scarpetta products. 4 arrived fine and 2 were leaking. Amazon’s great customer service promptly sent a replacement (but that has a leaking jar too). This stuff tastes fantastic. Check it upon arrival and if it arrives with a broken seal the request a replacement.
CristineRock, KS


This is SO GOOD!!! I froze the containers and break one out every so often–and it’s just like I spent all day long making it at home. It’s good for you, and tastes like something really special. I served it with fish and chicken, with a nice crackly french bread and a salad… So good!!!
DeannSavannah, TN

Tasty and versatile

Amazing on everything: chicken, fish, pasta. And for a late night snack: just spoon it out of the jar.
ChaeWideman, AR

Delicious sauce!

This sauce is terrific! It was sent promptly, well packaged in re-usable plastic jars. It has a robust taste and a nice consistency. I cooked up some ground turkey and chopped onions, made a spaghetti squash and pulled out the “spaghetti” part, and mixed it all up in a casserole with the Bruschetta topping. I added a little mozzarella cheese and baked it – yummy and very healthy! I will be ordering this sauce regularly.
JosphineRoans Prairie, TX


Restaurant quality, homemade taste. Quick and easy appetizer, try on grilled or toasted italian bread and top with parmesan cheese…has an equally nice amount of black olives. Great to top on firm fish and bake or to toss with pasta as a quick meal. I’ve had no problems with the containers not being sealed on any of their products.
HerbMc Queeney, TX

pure taste

We love this sauce and are so glad we bought it. I wish it were still on sale!
It has a homemade, pure taste.
We enjoyed it as a bruschetta the other night and
just had it over Barilla whole wheat penne pasta last night…
…délicieux, delizioso, delicioso!

(On the side…The jars are great… can be reused for all sorts of things).

DarcieOxbow, ME