Schar Gluten Free Italian Breadsticks, 5.3 oz

Schar Gluten-Free Italian Breadsticks, 5.3-Ounce Packages Gluten-free, wheat-free, lactose-free, no preservatives, no hydrogenated oils, no trans fat With the guarantee of Dr. SchSr, european leader in gluten-free foods with over 25 years of experience Made with qualitative olive oils Top gluten-free breadsticks choice in Europe, product of Italy

Quick facts

  • Traditional Old World Goodness
  • Schar

Top reviews

Very Good Alternative

For those of us who can’t have wheat, these breadsticks are a wonderful alternative, they taste great, and you can’t even tell they aren’t wheat.
LuisForney, TX

Very good alternative!

These are very good, and are a great alternative to Stella D’oro breadsticks. They come in wrapped packages of about 7-8 so the rest do not go stale.
A bit pricey, but I will pay it as a treat every now and again, especially with a nice pasta dish.
SamiraRandallstown, MD

The best breadsticks!

I brushed them with some garlic butter and broiled them for a minute-absolutely the best gf product I’ve tried yet! Cannot even tell they are gluten free.
ShandiMoville, IA


They are good,but very skinny. I was thinking breadsticks and they are more the size of a pretzel. Good dipped in peanut butter.
KalaStreamwood, IL


These are DELICIOUS as a table top, gluten free alternative and I would buy them by the case if the price was more affordable. $7+ for off the shelf at the grocer’s is just too much for mass consumption. How can we improve this picture? Cuz I sure would like to have SOMETHING TO MUNCH ON AT THE RESTAURANT while my dining out companions are CHEWING ON FRESH BREAD! ~HypFoods rant now temporarily concluded
PercyKalaupapa, HI