Schar Naturally Gluten-Free Wheat-Free Ladyfingers — 5.3 oz

Traditional Old World Goodness. Founded in 1922, Schar has been dedicated to innovating gluten-free products for over 25 years. Today, we’re proud to be Europe’s #1 brand. We use only naturally gluten- and wheat-free ingredients and adhere to the strictest quality and testing processes.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 5.3 ounces
  • Gluten-free lady fingers
  • Perfect for gluten-free tiramisu

Top reviews

Great Tiramisu!

These were a great base for Tiramisu. I just used the recipe on the back and it was out of this world. Be sure to use Mascarpone cheese, because that makes all the difference despite the cost. This was a big package of Ladyfingers, so there were plenty for the Tiramisu and some extras to eat. They were firm enough that they really held together after dipping them in the Espresso and they soaked up the flavors just great. I would order these again since Ladyfingers are difficult to find in my area.
EstefanaRover, AR

I made a fantastic Trifle

For those who don’t know what a trifle is it’s a layered dessert with sponge cake or lady fingers on the bottom covered with fruit cocktail then covered with custard or pudding then covered with whipped cream. I make a traditional English Sherry Trifle where the lady fingers are doused with (a bit of) sherry wine.

My friend has celiac autoimmune disease, so I always try to make a gluten-free dish for her when we’re at parties together. I came across these Schar Gluten Free Lady Fingers and thought I’d try a gluten-free Trifle (by the way, there is a recipe for gluten-free tiramisu on the packaging). They are stiffer than regular ladyfingers and at first I was worried. They are more like cookies out of the box than cake – you can’t cut into them without breaking them into pieces. I was worried that soaking them with liquid would turn them to mush, but I only added a bit to coat each one and several hours later (and even next day) they kept their form and was even spongy (and tasty). I don’t recommend drenching them or they will likely go to mush!

The dish was a complete success, both in taste and in structure. A very good product!

ColeenHarts, WV

Great for Tiramisu

I ordered these because I have been deprived of tiramisu since going gluten free 🙂 I did not use the recipe on the package; I used another from a magazine. The lady fingers held up well and tasted great. I made it in an 8×8 glass dish but did not go all the way to the sides, a little smaller dish would’ve been better. I will order these again, it was just enough to hit the spot!
RhondaChamois, MO


I bought these to make tiramisu for a friend who has celiac disease, and not only did she love it, but it turned out so much better than with regular lady fingers. These lady fingers are much harder, and hold up much better after soaking. I’m never going back to regular lady fingers.
AudieSicklerville, NJ