Scorpion Sucker- Apple

Candy Sucker with a REAL Scorpion Inside. Each Varies in Size. Check out All Our Delicious Flavors- Blueberry, Strawberry, Banana & Apple.

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  • Apple Sucker with a REAL Scorpion Inside
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Top reviews

Scorpion Sucker—Have people watch you and go “what?”

I’m arachnophobic… with an exception of scorpions it seems. Just stating.

There is a dense layer of flavored candy surrounding the scorpion which helps you build up to the big moment your tongue brushes a pincer or, worse, its body. After this encounter, you’ll want to flip it around and start on an area where the scorpion is not. This is how it was for me. It was about 20 minutes later that I was able to hold the whole scorpion in my hand. 20 minutes later inside of a pizza parlor with an audience of 3 curious customers.

As I’ve stated before in another review, the reason we are so appalled by eating insects is not the taste; it’s the fact that you’re eating an insect–something you’ve spent the majority of your lifetime chasing and killing–and it’s extremely difficult to fathom putting something you have that sort of relationship with in your mouth as food no matter how you dress it up.

The flavor of the scorpion is a bit nutty, but the texture kind of reminds me of chewing on a fingernail… not that I ever have. But I like it. This is somewhat of an acquired taste. If you don’t like it the first time, there’s a large chance you never will. Don’t force it or you will vomit. Either way, these are great for pranks, gag gifs, icebreakers, thrill-seekers and drawing that much needed attention to yourself in public.

KrissyMoyock, NC

For Scorpios with a sweet tooth…..

I am assembling a horoscope themed basket for a charity fundraiser auction and got stuck on something to represent Scorpio…until I found these….. I think the basket will be a hit!
BenitoMontpelier, ND


The hotlix scorpion sucker is a pretty tasty, pretty wild and a pretty fun treat for any occasion. I used it for a presentation in by biology class and it was received very well by the teacher and my fellow students.
LucilleFlag Pond, TN

Scorpion Sucker

This was a star for our “Fear Factor” activity. The participants liked the flavor and the scorpion provided the adrenaline rush.

Word of caution: Don’t bite the sucker anywhere near to the beginning of the first taste–you WILL break a tooth or two. (It happened to one of our most competitive).

This is NOT something I would buy for my own simple enjoyment…That being said, some of the teenagers told me they regularly purchase these to eat for a treat.

RosalindPort Lavaca, TX