Seagram Seven Crown Blended Whiskey 750ML

All of the whiskies in Seagrams 7 Crown are aged for a minimum of 4 years, some in new charred white oak barrels and some in used charred white oak barrels. The maturing inventory is monitored by expert blenders for flavor development.

As the inventory gets near its usage age, blenders lab-produce products using different percentages of inventory components until the exact flavor profile of Seagrams 7 Crown is achieved. This inventory survey and lab blending is a constant process and is one of the reasons the flavor of Seagrams 7 Crown has remained consistent. Liquor

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Old Fashioned Blended American Whiskey

I have to say, as Whiskey and Bourbon drinker I have found good old Seagrams 7 to be a wonderful Whiskey. It has been around for some time, sold a few times but has remained a consistent, easy to drink blended Whiskey. As we all know with Bourbon, it can be a bit harsh on the body after a few drinks; not so with Seagrams 7. Always smooth, easy to mix and just flat out a good Whiskey to have around all the time. I guess the fact it is sold at Costco in quantity in California is testament to it’s popularity. Enjoy and share with your friends!
AngelikaGreenville, FL