See’s Candies 1 lb. 5 oz. Chocolate Lollypops

This is gourmet candy-on-a-stick for kids (and adults) that’s fun to eat, lasts longer than regular chocolates and is every bit as rich and tasty. Candy fanciers of all ages love these unique square lollypops made from heavy cream, butter, and smooth, rich chocolate. Approximately 30 per box. Kosher.

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Sees is the best around

My mother’s favorite flavor is Chocolate, mine being Butterscotch. These lollypops are extremely delicious and they last for quite a while. The shape of the lollypops are unique and they are as savory as I can remember. I highly enjoy all products from Sees candies, the only downside is they can’t ship you a sample chocolate like they give at the store!

Quality products, quality service, quality through and through.

BobNaugatuck, CT

Satisfying lollipop

This lollipop is not one that you can chew or break with your teeth, you have to suck on it til the very end. So, if you’re one that likes to chew on your lollipop, these are not the lollipops for you. This is the kind of lollipop where you taste the flavor and want just a little more so you just keep it in your mouth until it’s gone. Kind of like a Cheeze-it where you get a taste of cheese, not quite enough, and it leaves you wanting more.

This might sound like a bad review but it isn’t. I like lollipops that aren’t sugary tasting and have enough of the right flavor to keep me interested. Frankly, their addictive because you get the chocolate, butterscotch (my fave), latte, etc. flavors in a long-lasting treat.

Also, found this to be an alternative treat to sugary alternatives like processed cookes and candy that just don’t taste good like they used to when I was a child.

MurrayMorocco, IN

Love these!

The last time I had these lollipops was when I was a kid and when I went looking for a treat for myself and saw these I was excited to get them. I bought a box of all chocolate ones because those are the ones I like and they are just as good as they were years ago the last time I had them. The flavor lasts all the way down to the last piece and because these lollipops are made with hard candy, it lasts for a good long time.
AllenaNorway, ME