See’s Candies 1 lb. Scotchmallow

This customer favorite is a special See’s confection you won’t find anywhere else. It is a delicious layer of See’s caramel with a layer of See’s honey marshmallow enrobed in rich dark chocolate. Order a box today!

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My favorite See’s Candy

I like See’s chocolate because it tastes like chocolate, unlike so many other reasonably priced chocolate candy. I like the fact that you get a quality taste for a reasonable price. The chocolate tastes like a hearty real chocolate (instead of a sugar bite) and the caramel and marshmallow are the perfect compliment to just the right amount of chocolate. I find that one or two at the most are a great treat for some one who is watching their weight but is craving a good tasting chocolate. Rich tasting and satisfying.

P.S. The only caveat I have is that when you order in the summer you pay additional charges due to the heat. I think there are locations that sell See’s candies though.

P.P.S. Their lolly pops are great!

LaurenHarwinton, CT