Sen Sugar Free Rolls .48 oz. Rolls

Sen Sen… the original licorice mint breath freshener. A box of 12 foil packs.

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Sen Sen sugar free rolls

They are just ok. Its Apartame (NutraSweet) and barely has any flavor. I do not think they taste anything like the real thing.
DwainJoseph, UT

A poor imitation

The flavor’s too mild and they dissolve too quickly. If they’re not going to last very long, they should at least be more intense. I wouldn’t buy them again.
ValarieHovland, MN

Just like old times

If you are Italian like me, you may have grown up with parents who had little foil packets of Sensen in their pockets. I have always liked the flavor and the way it made your breath smell. These new sensen rolls are a great value and are easy to carry. They have a flavor that is less intense than that little black foil wrapped chip, but they are still sensen and I like them.
MigdaliaRockport, IN