Senjaku – Hiyasyuwa Ramune Soda Candy – 3.1 Oz

Senjaku – Hiyasyuwa Ramune Soda Candy – (3 Flavors) – Japanese Sour Fizzy Candy

Quick facts

  • senjaku
  • ramune soda candy
  • 3 flavors
  • japanese sour fizzy candy
  • hiyasyuwa

Top reviews

Very odd flavors…

I opened the bag assuming there would be three different types of candy, however in my bag, there were four. There was one which had a green package, the candy was green, too…this one fizzed from the inside out and tasted like Ramune. There was another, blue packaged one, it tasted minutely menthol-like but not…it was a very odd taste…and it tasted like blue rasberry at the same time…VERY odd…then there was one with a yellow package (not see-through) and it tasted like ramune with a hint of bubble gum…very slight hint of bubblegum…it’s hard to put a flavor to the taste, though. The fourth, it had a clear package, and looked a little odd with sugar all over it…very bumpy…(the candy itself was green and white in color) and that candy tasted entirely like melon. None of them were very sour… the one that tasted entirely like ramune was the one that tasted the most sour, the rest of them were hardly sour at all (at least to me) [I hope this helped, since the package didn’t come with a key to the flavors.]

I thought they were good, I didn’t really like the bubblegum one though…but that’s just because I don’t like the flavor ‘bubblegum’…Enjoy your candy… 🙂

MuiPacolet, SC


good tasting fizzy candy.
i love japanese candy and this was no exception. sweat with a fizzy center.

like warheads, but without the sour taste.

SheliaGifford, IL

You will like this!

Awesome candy. Good flavor and ever so slightly fizzy. Makes an entertaining and unique gift. Only wish it weren’t so expensive.
LindsayDamascus, PA


These candies are yummy in my tummy! lol, they fizz and taste awesome! Even if you don’t like hard candy you’d probably like these.
AlfredoCorte Madera, CA

Tasty Candy

I used to buy these from FYE all the time, but have been unable to find them there for a while (although they still carry Ramune sodas).
This time, I purchased this bag for my boyfriend. I noticed that they changed one of the flavors.. I remember a peach and pink one that tasted like sweet apples, but I think his bag had strawberry flavor instead.
Previously, I had purchased a bag for my brother (apple version) and he really liked it as well.
My favorite was the apple kind and I don’t like strawberry so I was a little disappointed about that, but it wasn’t bought for me and the recipient really enjoyed it, so I can’t really complain.
The flavors are unique, though.. Some are fizzy, minty, sweet, a bit sour. It’s good candy and it is a bit overpriced, but it’s hard to find so it’s worth it.
KarlAvery Island, LA