Senseo Coffee Pods, Medium Roast, 18 Count

For the Senseo coffee pods, Douwe Egberts selects the finest blend of coffee beans to brew the perfect cup.

Quick facts

  • Pack of four 4.41-ounce packages, each containing 18 fresh and flavorful medium roast coffee pods (72 total pods / 17.64 total ounces)
  • Made from the finest coffee beans, pre-measured and sealed inside their own filter for maximum freshness
  • Rich, aromatic, and smooth flavor; gives a rich, frothy coffee layer with every cup
  • For use with Senseo coffeemakers; virtually drip-free easy disposal
  • The coffee beans used in Senseo pods are roasted by Europe’s Douwe Egberts, the world’s third largest coffee roaster

Top reviews


I bought these pods on Amazon because they were a dollar cheaper than at the local grocery store. Now I know why. When I opened the package the Senseo Watermark was faint or hardly visable and it took me 3x the amount of pods to make a decent cup of coffee. Buyer beware, I am back to buying pods at the grocery store.
TawannaZionhill, PA

Senseo Coffee Pods

The coffee by Senseo is very tasty. The only problem I have is that it is messy getting rid of the pods after you use them. Clean up is the “pain.” You also have to rinse out the pod holder each time. Coffee machines with the K cups are better for 2 reasons – easier to clean plus there isn’t a “residue” flavor left from the coffee you’ve made. I used a tea bag (following another reviewer’s suggestion) and was able to make tea using the Senseo machine but it tasted like coffee. This is the problem with all pods because the oils from the coffee remain. I’ve tried other brands of coffee pods but have found the Senseo to be the best.
FabianEast Newport, ME

Delicious, Fresh Ground Coffee Imported From Belgium!

Douwe Egberts makes some of the most delicious European coffee. When the Senseo Single Serve Coffee Maker was created, these single use, disposable coffee ‘pods’ fit together like hand in glove. 5,000,000 European coffee lovers cannot be wrong…Senseo Douwe Egberts is outstanding, fresh tasting coffee, and each imported 4 pack, (72 Single-Serve pods), comes attractively packaged in a resealable pouch.

Medium roast is apt to be a particular favorite for American coffee tastes. It has a rich, full-bodied flavor, neither bitter nor astringent. The Senseo coffee machine can make 1 4 oz cup, 2 4 oz cups, or a single 8 oz cup at a time. The self-contained pods use a tea bag filter-type paper and are approximately 2" in diameter.

Right now, the price averages 25 cents per 4 ounce cup. The Senseo makes it with a bit of frothe on the top, and this medium roast coffee is fine straight up, or try it with a little sweetner and a dollop of Hazelnut creamer as I do.

I do envision the price point coming down a bit, as the Senseo system becomes the US equivalent of the European sensation. Douwe Egberts recommends using your pods within 2 weeks, however, I’ve had good luck storing the extras in the freezer section of my refrigerator with no dicernable flavor change.

SharondaO Neals, CA

Full-bodied, but harsh!

Recently I ended up trying out the Senseo system, and I tried it with the Douwe Egberts medium roast pods. Normally I drink cold-brewed Toddy coffee, and even though I’m sensitive to bitterness and acid levels in coffee, I can drink that with just dairy, no sugar. I immediately needed quite a bit of sugar for this coffee–and then I had to start drinking half my usual amount of coffee. It was so bitter I almost couldn’t drink it. It was so acidic it made my stomach hurt. And it was so caffeinated I got the shakes that first time.

The problem was, I had no idea if this was a result of the Senseo process (the Toddy’s cold-brew method does result in a less bitter, less acidic, less caffeinated coffee than normal) or the coffee brand. So, I ordered the EcoPad refillable pods (2 to a pack, very inexpensive) and tried it with the same coffee I use with the Toddy. It tasted slightly weak, oddly; however, it was enough for me to realize that the main problem was the Douwe Egberts coffee. If you really love the harsher Starbucks types of coffees, which I don’t, I think you’ll enjoy it. But if you have acid stomach problems or just don’t like bitter coffee, I do not recommend using DE medium roast coffee pods with your Senseo.

LottieWaverly, PA

Don’t Purchase from Target

This coffee machine is probably the best coffee maker I’ve ever used, so long as you use their coffee pods. I purchased mine from Target…what a disaster since they don’t keep consistent stock of the recommended coffee pods for this coffee maker. I now purchase my pods from Amazon…they are dependable, in-stock and tax free.
YajairaSparta, IL

Get the dark roast instead!

The Senseo machine shipped with two 18-pod samples packs, light roast and medium roast. Excited about my new machine, I brewed my first cups of coffee only to be disappointed, not by the machine itself (awesome!), but by the quality of the coffee. The light roast was so-so, and the medium TERRIBLE. I quickly ordered the dark to compare, and can now HIGHLY recommend the dark roast over the other two options. The dark also works the best in espresso-like brewing mode, using two-pods with the 1-cup setting. It’s still not the best coffee out there, and I’m looking forward to comparing with the upcoming pods.
ChuckAlleghany, CA

Folgers is the SAME STUFF

It’s a blizzardy night in Boston (we’re getting 18 inches this evening) and on a whim, my wife and I bought every type of Folgers & Senseo coffee — determined to figure out which one is the best, and then we’ll just buy that one. Just once and for all.

Anyway, the results are subjective, and I’m not even done yet. But one thing became clear to me and my wife: the Folger’s Home Cafe (something like that) is COMPLETELY IDENTICAL to the Senseo Medium Roast Coffee Pods. I kid you not! It looked the same, it smelled the same, it tasted the same. And the Folger’s is a dollar cheaper (at least, at Bed Bath and Beyond).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not above paying more if the coffee’s better. I don’t really care that much. But it’s almost *comical* to pay more once you realize that they appear to be the exact same product (probably some sort of mild roast Columbian, ground to a specific textures).

Anyway, the Senseo rules either way!

ArvillaRisco, MO

Warning: highly addictive!

Senseo recently released several flavored varieties. Having always been partial to hazelnut coffee and being the happy owner of a Senseo coffee maker, I just had to give this new flavor a try. Well, let me tell you… I’m hooked! There is so much rich flavor in this coffee it’s hard to believe the drink is calorie-free. It has the complex, subtle, thick texture and flavor of a fat- and carb-laden drink. If you’ve been worrying lately about the effects of your daily Caramel Macchiato on your waistline (not to mention your wallet) you have to give this coffee a try. It’s wonderful and guilt-free! The pods are a little more expensive than regular varieties (the package is the same price but there are slightly fewer pods per bag) but boy is it worth that little extra!

This flavor was all I needed to decide me to buy a second Senseo machine for my office. It’s very quiet and doesn’t bother my cube neighbors, and it’s already paid for itself because I no longer spend a fortune at the coffee shop for mediocre coffee: I have my “candy bar in a cup” (to quote Paula) right at my desk.

Senseo has a winner with this one… Give it a try!

KeeleySussex, WI

Senseo Vienna Hazelnut coffee pods

The expiration date was too soon. The package comes with 4 bags, 16 pods in each bag; 64 pods altogether. The expiration date was 5 weeks away. Do the math… I have to use 2 pods per day in order to use it all before it expires. I don’t necessarily want to have the same flavor coffee twice a day for the next 5 weeks.
KalaBoise City, OK


Senseo Douwe Egberts Medium Roast Coffee
Please check your records. I have never received this merchandise. I have already written to Amazon requesting a reimbursement. Thank you.
TeresePolvadera, NM

Delivery never received

Anyone know how to get through to a human to say that my Dec 12 shipment never arrived? UPS robbery ?
JulieLatimer, IA

Bad Price

Great product but a lousy price. The grocery store has the same product for $4.25 compared to $5 here.
AmeeHolmesville, OH

Great Machine – Horrible Coffee

These machines are great, unfortunately the coffee used in the Douwe Egberts pods is horrible. I was going to get rid of my machine until a friend brought over some different pods. I suggest spending a little extra money and buying quality pods – the difference is markedly different. I personally buy mine from as they have a cool story but lots of people are making pods that fit this machine now. For what its worth – I hope it helps.
FrancesWeyanoke, LA

Sensational Senseo!

After spending 2 weeks in the Netherlands last year, I was hooked on Douwe Egberts coffee and found one place in all of Dallas/Ft. Worth that sold it. Finally! America gets Senseo! The coffee I woke up to for 2 weeks and loved. The medium and dark roast are my favorites. Douwe Egbert is excellent coffee. Once you’ve tasted this high quality Dutch coffee, you’ll never go back to American/Columbian nor that burnt stuff sold in those bookstores. Hopefully prices for the coffee will come down. For now, it’s cheaper for my friend to ship me Senseo coffee from Holland (package of 18 pads there is less than 2 Euro) than to buy it here in the States or online. Now I will celebrate SENSEO DAY, the day I received my Senseo machine (tho it arrived without the free coffee cups) every year!
JoyLuke, MD

Bye, Starbucks!

Why would I spend five bucks per latte (and take my chances with the barista’s skills) when I can make my own cup of foamy happiness in less than a minute, and for so much less? Answer: I wouldn’t. At least not any longer. The Medium Roast coffee pods will satisfy you whether you drink it black or take it "regular" (with milk & perhaps sugar). I like to use one Medium pod and one Dark Roast pod for my first cup in the morning…it makes a nice, fragrant cup that packs a jolt. I’d highly recommend buying a few bags of the Medium Roast and the Dark Roast at the same time. If you’re like me, you won’t want to run out-your mornings just wouldn’t be the same without your Senseo.
ClarineMartinsville, TX

Do not fall for this

Only received one bag instead of 4 – I feel this was intentionally deceptive. It is complete rip off – Don’t fall for it
KimberelyCorvallis, OR

Ever have car dealer waiting room coffee?

I am completely disappointed in this product. Got the machine at a second hand store to try it out. Let’s make it short and say save your money. The senseo pods are stale right out of the package. I have been drinking coffee for a long time and know that it will taste as good as it smells out of the package. SO if you smell dry cereal or grain instead of rich sweet coffee before you brew it, you know what you’re in store for.
TimmyLocustdale, PA

I love my Senseo

I am so happy everytime I make my Senseo coffee. I especially like the variety pack and the prices on Amazon are great for the product. I shall definitely be reording soon as supplies are dwindling. Kudo’s to Senseo for such a great coffee and Amazon for presenting it to the public on their site.
VelvaHayesville, OH

Best of Senseo

I had been buying other brands of pods to get better coffee than the Senseo stuff… but I really do like this Sumatra. I’m consuming a lot less of the wildly expensive Kona now that I’ve discovered this.
ElroyFarmers, KY

Senseo Vienna Hazelnut Waltz Coffee Pods

The Senseo pods are easy to use and brew a strong but very pleasant cup of coffee. Hazelnut Waltz is one of my favorites.
EdwinaKnoxville, TN

World’s best coffee!

This coffee is great! I can’t usually find the flavored type in the stores and when I do, it is more expensive than online. If you want a fresh cup of coffee any time of day or night, put SENSEO in your cup!
MyMoultrie, GA

If you like generic coffee…

then this isn’t for you. Horrible after bite that gives it a unique flavor that I definately don’t care for…not to say that you will not however. If you are in search of a generic oriented flavored coffee, this isn’t the one to try.
PerryVanndale, AR

Senseo Pods are packed with flavor!

These pods are excellent! Same taste as your favorite coffee shop at a fraction of the price!
CaitlynHarpster, OH


ClarineWeissert, NE

Too bad this product is discontinued

It is sad to see that this product is no longer being distributed in the US. I hope the distributors will reverse their decision.
WaltonLong Beach, NY

medium roast pods

Not quite what I expected. Is not nearly as robust or flavorful as the dark roast. I was not expecting such a large gap between dark and medium roast. I will stick to the dark roast blends from now on as the medium is just an okay cup of coffee, not much flavor.
IngaToledo, IL

weak coffee

While I enjoy Senseo-brewed coffee generally, the breakfast blend is far too weak. I might as well be drinking hot water colored brown. I recommend that either you tell the manufacturer to make it stronger or you advise your customers to brew it in combination with a very dark blend (like espresso roast).
KatheleenFerndale, FL

I love hazelnut coffee but. . .

I was really happy to see this coffee for such a great price. I even got a better price using the additional Senseo coupon code.

As soon as I got the pods I brewed my first cup of . . . “the weakest coffee ever except for when I forgot to add the coffee to the coffee maker.” I was really disappointed.

After reading the package I discovered I could use two pods to improve the flavor. Of course this also doubled the price making the deal not so good after all. Using two pods was a little too strong for my taste. Senseo rates the coffee as between mild and med. It was VERY, VERY mild!

In all fairness to this product, I purchased these pods to use with my EZ-Cup in my Keurig. So perhaps they would make better tasting coffee in the Senseo pod coffee maker.

InaShartlesville, PA

Did anyone say Kona?

Hawaii and Jamaica produce the world’s best coffee. Aren’t we lucky that Senseo offers the Kona blend. It’s heavenly!
LeanneWyalusing, PA

What Kona

This coffee blend is not worth the money.
10% Kona, but 90% Columbian, not what I want in
Kona coffee.
AlexaPlainfield, VT