Sensible Foods Crunch Dried Snacks, Tropical Blend, 0.75-Ounce Pouches

The seed that sprouted into Sensible Foods was planted in Sono ma County, California, by Bob and David, two sensible guys who are committed to healthy living for themselves and their families. Their quest was to create a munchy crunchy snack that was both delicious and nutritious, that everyone would enjoy. The goal was realized when they perfected the unique crunch dried process for fruits and vegetables and the results were extraordinary! It is an intensely flavorful snack that’s naturally sweet, crunchy, convenient and so incredibly sensible. Here at Sensible Foods we are pleased to offer delicious and nutritious snacks from our family to yours, a product of the USA.

Quick facts

  • Case of twelve 0.75-ounce pouches (total of 9 ounces)
  • Mix of apples, pineapples, mangos, and bananas; each pouch equal to 1/2-cup fresh fruit
  • All-natural; No fat; Gluten or GMO; No preservatives
  • Shelf life of more than one year; Unique process removes water and preserves nutritional value and natural flavor
  • Product of California

Top reviews

“used to be great, dried fruit”

The first time I ordered the product, it was great and that is why I bought it again. This time, it seems to have been a BIG mistake. The fruit was humid, hard and nothing like before. Should not forget to mention the big clumps of fruit stuck together, that were so hard it made my teeth hurt. Too bad. I used to love this product, and talk to my friends about it. Not anymore. 🙁
VirginiaLoxahatchee, FL

Not worth the price

I love freeze-dried fruits and decided to purchase this product. DON’T DO IT! It is a waste of money for what you get. The bananas taste really strange, so bad in fact that i had to pick them out of each bag and trash them. These snacks are a fad and not worth the money especially in this economy. In time I believe prices won’t be so inflated!
RobenaWewoka, OK

Sensible Foods Crunch Dried Snacks

These are probably sensible but taste awful, you can’t even tell which fruit you are eating, yuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.
PearlySherman, CT

Unsensible Amount of Apple Chips

I excitedly bought the tropical blend, orchard and berry mixes of Sensible Foods hoping that I had found a cheaper alternative to Just Fruit Munchies. My plan was to mix all three varieties together and get my own blend, which would also have given me some extra fruit that the other brand’s mix doesn’t include. The problem is that you hardly get any other fruit but apple! For example, there were 2 pieces of banana in my tropical blend. C’mon! That’s just a rip off. The snack is good. And the snack is crunchy. But now I know that my Just Fruit Munchies cost more because you get a fairly even distribution of all the fruit, not just a light sprinkling of fruit between apple chips.
KaneshaGlen Ullin, ND

Many apples, not much else.

This flavor, just like all their other flavors that I purchased, contain about 90% or above just apples and not much else.

Great if you’re looking for just apples but this product isn’t called Just Apples.

DungMilltown, IN

convenient, delicious, and healthy

I haven’t experienced any of the issues others have complained about with the lack of bananas in the pack. I first picked these up at Publix to try and love them! The mix of fruit is good and the tastes compliment one another. I’m delighted that it is a measured serving and convenient to pack and take with me to work or other times when I might need a snack. I have been trying to eat more “whole foods” and the fact that these contain “nothing else” is a big plus. I do wish they were a little cheaper, but the price on Amazon is better than buying them in the store.
MarceleneTeays, WV


Delicious, nutritious, crunchy, fun; i am not hesitant to give to my toddler. wish the price was lower, Even though it’s worth the cost.
CorinneGapland, MD

Like most of the sensible Foods this is one:D

These are the ones I get:
Sensible Foods Crunch Dried Snacks, Orchard Blend, 0.75-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 12)
Sensible Foods Organic Crunch Dried Snacks, Apple Harvest, 0.75-Ounce, 12-Count Pouches
They have MANY others 😀
One could put them in your AM eg. Cereal or PM dinners. Or just eat them as a snack:D
KlaraSeneca Falls, NY


Each ingredient in this mix is fabulous. My husband and I love it. I bought it for him so he could take it work and have a healthy snack during work.
CharisMorganfield, KY

Natural and Healthy Snacks

There are so few alternatives in the snacks category that are all natural products and healthy. The Sensible Foods blends are great and are keeping me away from other junky snacks.
FranClear Creek, IN

Awesome Snacks

These Sensible Foods Tropical Blend Dried Snacks are perfect for any time of the day or night. They are healthy. They are decidedly convenient. They are my family’s favorite from Sensible Foods.
CarloMontezuma, KS


I got these looking for good finger foods for my daughter. While the pieces are still a little big for her, she loves the flavors. I really like that they’re sweet and nutritous, providing a good alternative to junk foods. I also love that they’re available for subscribe and save. I’ll be looking forward to my next shipment!
JericaGrinnell, IA

Delicious Sensible Food

These snacks are so very delicious. I am always looking for a healthy snack and I was pleasantly surprised when I found Sensible Foods.

They are so satisfying and delicious that I my biggest problem is having enough in the house.

My sons love them and that is always a great thing. I am so very pleased that they grab for these healthy snacks rather than junk.

I highly recommend this product. Just make sure to buy alot…they will disappear quickly.

JeffiePeapack, NJ

Not For Me

Everyone in my office loves these except for me. I didn’t like the texture or the taste.
BroderickNewton, WV

Great low calorie baking ingredient!

The Cherry Berry variety is great for baking low calorie muffins or scones – no sugar! The corn variety is good for a office snack – portion controlled, only 70 calories, and more nutritious than chips! I haven’t tried the others but plan to – will try different varieties for scones and muffins – lower sugar than raisins or craisins or dried berries. Good stuff!
DeliciaHollsopple, PA

Crunchy healthy and portable snack!

I really like these freeze dried fruit snacks as they are very fresh compared to other companies that sell you a large quantity that is only in one large package and does not keep well.
Now for people complaining that these are mainly apple, I’m not surprized.
You can buy other brands that are just one kind of freeze dried fruit and pay 3 times more.
I have even seen at the store for kids a mix of only berries and banana and it was $5 for a 1 ounce/30 gram pouch!

For the Amazon price and subscribe and save these are the best price and packaging around.
Now for people that say these taste awful, they taste just like regular fruits to me, the dried fruits you buy at other natural stores are full of sugar so some people are more likely used to those.

SolCataract, WI

taste good, but mainly apples

This freeze dry fruit tastes good and crunchy. Unfortunately, this is supposed to be mixed fruit, but in the bag, it is mainly apple, only has a few pieces of others – pineapple, mango and banana. Otherwise, I would give it 5 stars.
CorrinaStony Creek, NY

Great taste!

Although this is not marketed as a “diet” product, the fact that it is portion controlled makes it an excellent snack for anyone watching their weight. Each bag is less than 100 calories and there is a lot of crunching satisfaction and great taste with this fruit.
JolineGerman Valley, IL

Great Healthy Snack!

These crunchy snacks are healthy, addictive, and tasty. I love the crisp texture, the flavors, and the perfect size for a snack. Much better than the Apple Chips that have all that added junk and sugar. These Sensible Foods Snacks are just dried fruit! Love the apple harvest flavor best, then tropical blend. A favorite snack item!
OliverMoore, SC