Sensible Portion Garden Veggie Straws Lightly Salted, 20 Oz

World Gourmet is excited to provide you with our Veggie Straws. The combination of potato, carrot, and spinach seasoned with a touch of salt and made in the shape of a crispy straw! Kosher OU and proudly made in the USA.

Quick facts

  • All natural
  • No trans fat
  • No cholesterol

Top reviews

Not real veggies, but a really good ‘better’ than chips snack

It wouldn’t be very smart to replace real veggies with these veggies straws but if you want a healthier salty snack I personally can’t think of a better one on the market. The portion size for 130 calories is absolutely gluttonous. One portion is equal to 38 straws. That is quite a bit of snacking for 130 calories. These are crispy and taste great. There is no trans fat, no preservatives, and kosher certified. The single serving does have 7 grams of total fat and 11 carbs. Eating these all the time might not be great for your diet but when you want something this is fantastic option. I have lost 92lbs in the last year and half by following a sensible diet and I am happy to say this brand of Veggie Straws has helped me along the way.
TrudyBoykin, AL

Good flavor, a little misleading

Someone grabbing a bag of Veggie Straws may mistakenly believe Veggie Straws are made primarily of vegetables other than potatoes. In fact, a quick read of the back of the bag reveals they are made primarily of potatoes and flavored with tomato and spinach. This explains why they taste so much like potato chips. The texture is light and crisp, and while it’s been many years since I’ve had pork rinds, that’s what I think of when I bite into these straws.

Sensible Portions is the name of the company. A 20 ounce bag contains 20 servings, which is about 38 straws. Each serving has 7 grams of fat. Compare that to Frito Lay Baked! Ruffles Original Potato Crisps, which contains only 3 grams of fat per 1 ounce serving.

If you can overlook the fat content, Veggie Straws are actually quite tasty, and they do have that psychological edge with that name. I feel like I’m eating healthier, even when I’m not.

MafaldaPutnam Station, NY