Sentry HC Ear Mite for Cats, 1-Ounce

Sentry HC Ear Mite for Cats,1-ounce

Quick facts

  • Eliminates mites in cats’ ears
  • Relieves itching
  • Soothes
  • Water based
  • non oily

Top reviews

Did not work after 2 weeks.

I used the entire bottle in my cats ears after cleaning with another product. I finally purchased another product that worked immediately.
AlessandraCentury, FL

Trouble using it

There are no instructions as to how to prepare the bottle for use. It seemed straight forward but apparently I opened the hole too wide and instead of “drops” it poured out in a stream. It didn’t go over well with my cat. It made a huge mess. Yes, maybe I bungled it, but how about some explicit instructions if it’s so easily botched? I’m throwing the rest away. She’ll never trust the sight of that bottle again.
BrittanyWeaver, AL

Worked great, no problems

My 12 year old cat had ear mites in her left ear and I was recommended to pick this up. I cleaned her ears with a cotton ball first, and then applied a few drops. The mites were gone in one week! I noticed no side effects whatsoever.

I was somewhat hesitant about the “Sentry” brand, but my vet confirmed that the medication in this was okay. I also find it odd that this brand has such negative reviews but is still operating and being sold in stores such as Petco and Petsmart. I will remain hesitant about this brand, but this product worked great for me. I would recommend it.

VeronicaAnchorage, AK

Good enough

I used this product on my 9 week old kittens. Instead of using 5 drops for kittens and cats over 12 weeks, I used 3 drops every other day. I also cleaned out the ears completely first before putting the drops in. After 2 treatments, they appear to be ear mite free.
KarenaPlainview, NE


Got rid of both of my kittens ear mites and my full grown adult, in less than a week. It saysit will take longer and more drops than needed.
MitzieEkwok, AK

Works well, cats hate it though

I bought this because my cats had picked up ear mites. This product worked very well for clearing the ear mites up. I don’t think the directions mention this, but before you use it, you should clean your cat’s ears thoroughly to get the gunk out (use a q-tip and go down only as far as you can see, no deeper). I used this product, as recommended, twice a day. After about 6 doses (3 days) the cats had stopped scratching their ears and I continued using it for another 2 days (10 doses in total) to make sure they were gone completely. It’s been a week now and they’re mite free (no scratching, no ear gunk).
NgaBrinklow, MD

Sentry Ear mite for cats

Good stuff !It got rid of the ear mites . Cat is not digging her ears , she didn’t care for that oily effect , but she got over it !
AngelitaParkesburg, PA