Serendipi Tea Lung Ching, Dragon’s Well, China, Organic Green Tea, 4 Ounce Box

Serendipi Tea Lung Ching, Dragon’s Well, China, Organic Green Tea

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  • 4 ounce

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Nice Finish

I have purchased this tea several times now and I think it is one of the better ones I have tried. I am a Dragonwell girl. It hits most of the high notes of a Dragonwell tea, and this is probably the only one that I have found to be nice hot or iced, the others usually tasting best only hot. It’s not “too” anything, doesn’t seem high in tannins as some other Dragonwells, yet not weak flavored either, just more down the middle, and it is a bonus to know it is organic, although that is not always a guarantee for high quality. Teas vary in flavor according to climate variability that particular season. Bottom line: whether organic or not, I will pick the Dragonwell that best represents its signature qualities. This one does, in my opinion.
CarylonSaint Paris, OH

Great Dragon Well

Fantastic Dragon Well and it’s organic which is a big plus. Good Dragon Well reminds me of high quality Sauvignon blanc wine. It has that nice Grapefruit sweetness and smell and delicate yet reach taste. I had other Dragon Wells from different tea shops but this one tastes and smell best in my opinion (so far at least). Adagio’s was good but more expensive and not organic and Mighty Leaf’s Dragon Well was average at best. The price is also great and when you subscribe it’s even better. Highly recommended. Also steeping timing and water temperature is critical with this type of tea (never go more than 3 minutes and more than 180 F). Nevertheless it seems more forgiving that some other “higher end” greens.
ThomasLaurel, NE

Nice tea.

This is a very pleasant tasting Dragon Well tea. While I am not a connoisseur and have never purchased the teas that are many times this price range, I have had several in this price range and this one has a good taste and so is a good deal. Also, organic is important, especially with tea. I will be buying this tea again.
MarlaBlack Creek, NC