SerendipiTea Cassis, Black Currant & China Black Tea, 4-Ounce Boxes

Elegant and refined, what truly good uncluttered flavored teas are all about. Distinct Cassis (black currant) paired with Anhui Province Black Tea.

Quick facts

  • Distinctive sweet and sharp taste of black currant paired with finest quality black tea
  • Loose tea–approx 50 cups per 4 oz. package
  • Ingredients: Cassis (black currant), Chinese black tea

Top reviews

Just like Jason’s Deli!

I bought this tea for my wife, who LOVES the Black Currant tea at Jason’s Deli.

This has the same aroma and flavor, and it brought a smile to her face when we shared some last night.

Thanks to SerendipiTea. This is EXACTLY what we wanted!

CarlySaunderstown, RI

Just OK

I bought this tea after purchasing the same blend at our local tea store, so had the opportunity to compare the two side by side. Here’s my take: Before brewing, my local tea store’s Cassis/Black Currant clearly had significantly more flavor, smelled fresher, and had much longer tea leaves than did the SerendipiTea brand. It also seemed to smell like it also had more “notes” and was a more complex and aromatic blend than the one from SerendipiTea, which by contrast looked and smelled a little faded and stale. After brewing, the SerendipiTea was more bitter and dark in color (more intense). In the future I will pay more for the local one because it is so much better. Probably comes out to another dime per glass of tea, but for me that is well worth it. The SerendipiTea is cheaper, it does make a reasonably good tea, but the other is simply more enjoyable to drink, much more mellow and far less bitter.
VirgenOakley, IL

Excellent tea for black currant tea lovers

This tea has an great black currant flavor and it a good deal for the price. I have used Tea Forte black currant in the past and found this one to be just as good as theirs. Great smooth flavor with no metally aftertaste that tea can sometime have. Delicious!
IdellaManton, MI