SerendipiTea Iron Goddess Of Mercy, Ti Kuan Yin, Oolong Tea, China, 4-Ounce Boxes

A beautiful curled leaf from Fujian Province that produces fragrant, amber liquor. Tender, peachy notes intermingle with nutty overtones. Medium oxidation.

Quick facts

  • Pack of two 4-ounce boxes (total of 8 ounces)

Top reviews

TurnSimpleMoments into TeaCeremonies

Great product, and the price, while steep (pardon the pun), is acceptable as I gave this as a gift. Also, considering you get multiple brews (i.e. using the same tea leaves over and over is encouraged with this product), the actual enjoyment rendered is more than you would expect.
LouisGypsy, WV

Something has changed

This tea used to have a lighter more fragrant essence. I have been ordering it on subscribe and save, but cancelled. The last shipment of the tea tastes and smells more like a roasted rice green tea. Not what I am looking for.
PeiDenmark, WI

So nice

This is a really nice oolong tea for this low pricepoint.

I tried another purported “Iron Goddess” tea (Numi brand) and was disappointed with how wretchedly green and bitter it was (so much so, I obtained a refund because the product was NOT as described and I felt Numi made a fraudulent claim about the quality and flavor, especially in light of the very high price paid.)

SerendipiTea’s “Iron Goddess” is light, delicately scented (I catch a very subtle hint of clove, so far, on my 1st tasting), and subtly floral to me. It has hints of greeness, hay and grass flavors, but these are subtle. This is just my first cup from the 1st brewing (not brewed longer than 60 seconds to avoid bringing out bitterness), I have high expectations for the next cup from the same brew, which can be brewed up to 4 minutes (according to the package instructions.)

This may not be the very top shelf of the type, Ti Kuan Yin (Iron Goddess of Mercy) is usually very very expensive. But, for what it is, on the low price end, it’s a nice tea and very enjoyable. I am happy with the purchase.

NadiaOakes, ND

Good tasting Oolong with a nice fragrance when steeping the tea.

This Oolong tea tastes pretty good. This is my favorite Oolong tea that I have purchased from Amazon. I have tried many of them. It has some green leaves and brown as you can see in the pictures of the leaves in the bag that I took.

I have used the leaves over and over to make tea. It has a pleasant fragrance upon steeping it with hot water. I’m happy with this tea. It was well worth the cost of it.

EmikoWilmot, SD

A lower grade oolong

The bag contains a fair amount of dust and twigs. The tea leaves are also rather small compared to higher quality Oolongs. All in all, just an average run of the mill variety… Certainly not the best Ti Kuan Yin I have had. Price however is reasonable.
AllieLake George, NY