Sergeant’s Doggy Dent Small 15-Count Dog Dental Chew

Sergeant’s doggy dent small 15-count dog dental chew.

Quick facts

  • Dental treat
  • Freshens dogs breath
  • Highly digestible
  • Highly palatable
  • Resalable bag

Top reviews


I got the same product at my local grocery store for $9.99. Much cheaper – what’s going on Amazon? You aren’t even offering a bulk price. Great product, my dogs love them too, but can be found much cheaper elsewhere.
DionneSummerfield, LA

My dog loves these! Closest I’ve found to the “old” greenies

My Maltese absolutely loved the old Greenies. Then they changed their “recipe” and she wouldn’t even try the new version. Turned up her nose and that was that. I can’t recall the exact names of the other types of “Greenies” out there and there are only a few, but regardless, she didn’t like any of them. We moved on to another type of treat because I didn’t think there was ever going to be another “Greenie” type treat that would measure up to the original. On the outside chance she might like these, I gave them a try. Turns out she really, really likes them. So my search to replace the original “greenie” is finally over!
JoanSmithfield, NC

Doggy Dent a winner

My dog is a very fussy eater. Getting her to eat everyday is a challenge. But she loves these mini sized “greenies”. As soon as she hears me open the bag, she is patiently waiting for her treat.
BernieAnza, CA

Perfect Doggy Treat

My dog loves this treat and is very aware whenever I go where it is stored. I give this treat to him as an award after bathing, combing his long hair, etc.
NellieStanton, MI