Shamrock Spider Plant – Easy to Grow – Cleans the Air – 6.5″ Hanging Basket


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Beautiful Plant

I’m very happy with this plant. After relocating from NYC to SF and not being able to bring my plants with me I was missing them. So, one lonely evening in my new apartment on I ordered this plant not expecting much but when she arrived I was shocked by how big, full and lush this plant is on arrival. She’s growing very nicely in my window. Thanks!
OcieSugar City, CO

Live Spider Plant

I have purchased this item for my kitchen. THe plant came all full and lush just like the photo shows. I would definitely recommend this product to any/everyone!
NeliaSquire, WV

Beautiful healthy plant

Lovely plant, no brown spots or dead leaves 🙂 The only thing that bothers me is that it is all growing to one side, and trying to move leaves over to balance the plant is not working without risking breakage…so it is hanging kinda lop sided. If anyone has a suggestion, please tell me.
MarivelDanville, WA