Shan Bihari Kabab BBQ Mix

Bihari Kabab BBQ Mix (Masala)

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  • indian spice

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Shan Chapli Kabab

I could not find the mix for the Chappli Kabab here on, so I wrote my review for this instead. I live in a remote area of the wild west Rocky Mountains where Indian or Pakistani cuisine is completely non-existent in the form of a restaurant. Purchasing a cookbook online, even our grocery stores don’t sell the spices needed to create such dishes.

I met a Pakistani woman on a flight from LA who introduced me to these Shan mixes. She said they are very authentic, spicy. All you need to add is the meat/vegies. The instructions are printed in English on the back of the box and are easy to follow. She sent me some and I tried them. They are delicious. And yes, SPICY!!!! I was afraid to use the whole packet of spice for my chappli kabab, so I used 2/3’s of it. Even that much was alomst too spicy. The flavor was magnificent.

TrenaKiamesha Lake, NY