Shan Chicken Curry Mix 1.75 Oz

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over price

SHAN spices are sold all over the country from 84c to 99c per pack at your local indian and Pakistani grocery stores.
This guy is just rip off and no justification for the over charge. Amazon should be aware of it. As Amazon is a good place to shop and I
do my shopping at Amazon and find prices very resonable.
KindraRedfox, KY

Good mix if you don’t have time or ingredients for homemade

We like this mix when time is shorter or I don’t have everything I need for chicken curry made from scratch. It is a hot mix, but with Shan spice mixes you can use what you like, so if you’re leery of the heat, I would suggest just using 1/4-1/2 a packet first. If you want it hotter next time, increase the amount. I’m surprised at the price for this – we get these mixes locally for 99 cents a box. Might want to check with the seller what quantity this price is for.
JaimeGilroy, CA