Shan Chicken Curry Mix

Chicken Curry Mix (Masala) (Pack of 2) Package Quantity: 2

Quick facts

  • spice with curry-powder

Top reviews

Good mix if you don’t have time or ingredients for homemade

We like this mix when time is shorter or I don’t have everything I need for chicken curry made from scratch. As noted before, it is a hot mix. With Shan spice mixes though, you can use what you like, so if you’re leery of the heat, I would suggest just using 1/4-1/2 a packet first. If you want it hotter next time, increase the amount. I’m surprised at the price for this – we get these mixes locally for 99 cents a box.
ReginaldGravois Mills, MO

The Best Curry Mix

This is the only curry mix I use. It’s terrific and has the perfect combination of spices. Be careful, it’s hot!
DannieBurke, NY