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Not a real banana. Not a real shark, either. Buyer beware.

When I saw that Amazon was selling a SharkBanana, I thought this was some sort of genetically engineered hybrid, perhaps the equivalent of childhood favorite sea monkeys, but for the new age.

I ordered a gross of these using Prime 2 day shipping, and as I am very busy as the CEO of a major corporation, I didn’t have time to fully research this item. But I expected something like this: You receive your SharkBananana embryos, put them in water, and watch them grow to be full fledged SharkBananas. I planned to include these in the gift boxes I send to my best clients, along with a Coach wallet, some Godiva chocolates, and a few other high end goodies that go with that sort of thing.

Imagine my surprise, and disappointment, when I got my pallet of boxes from Amazon and all each contained was this stuffed animal thing. No embryos. Not even any real bananas, which I sort of figured that–for the price they’re asking–they’d probably include. In fact, I specifically ordered a banana essence truffle from Godiva to go with these.

There is no way I am going to be able to put these in my gift boxes.

Buyer beware: These are neither real sharks, nor real bananas.

’nuff said.

JacquelynnDallas, NC

Deceptive Description

Received a stuffed children’s toy. Will be disappointed if you expect a Sharkbanana, though this is a fair scale representation.
TracyNoyes, MN

The new black

Watch out three wolves t-shirt… The sharkbanana is the real lady killer. I’ve been the proud owner of the three wolves t-shirt for a couple of years, and coupled with a sick mustache, I’ve found that everything the reviews for that product say is true. However, upon recently coming across a sharkbanana, my eyes were opened to the infinite charm and prowess this toy brings to the table. This is not just a stuffed play thing people; this is the real deal. Yellow, gray, dashing, handsome… all of these things can be said about the sharkbanana. Durable, lovable, fearable… these things can also be said about the sharkbanana. But what I will say about the sharkbanana is this: I’ve said most everything I’ll say about it before this final sentence.
TyeshaSeneca, OR

he wants a sharkbanana! she wants one too! buy them a sharkbanana! buy one for you!

mothers hide your daughters. and their boyfriends. sharkbanana is a man with a plan, sure to be the envy of all your friends and pets.

i was there for the birthing of this little guy when a wayward banana fell in love with a curious shark. so proud to see what our little sharkbanana has grown up to be!

LeandroSussex, NJ

Sharkbanana will change your life

I remember fondly the day I met Sharkbanana. We ended up in a corner discussing Ayn Rand for the better part of an hour. I shall not bring those controversies into this review; if you want to know Sharkbanana’s position on Objectivism, I suggest you ask him yourself. He became my date for the rest of that party, even convincing him to take me to bed that evening. Sharkbanana was not just out for a cheap one-night-stand, though, and a little over a month later he came home with me for good. He has been my constant companion since.

I have spread the love of Sharkbanana far and wide, all over the US and even across the oceans (any Netherlands sightings are probably due to me.) He has been the inspiration for theme camps and giant plushies. Songs have been written about his exploits. (Search for him on YouTube.)

Sharkbanana will never give you up and never let you down. He will never run around or hurt you.

EmeliaClark, CO

Half Shark, Half Banana, All Awesome

Once you see sharkbanana, you can never look at sharks or bananas the same way again. Why has evolution created two magnificent species which fit together so beautifully like this?

I recommend giving a sharkbanana to all the most wonderful people in your life. Then they too will understand what it is to be alive.

GeorgetteJefferson, WI

It’s bananas!

I am so excited this guy is available online! He is seriously one of my favorite toys. Shark bananas for everyone! It’s bananas!
ShadSandpoint, ID

A Complex Creature with Responsibilities!

This animal is not for children! I got this for my 10-year-old niece, but I ended up having to take care of it after she nearly lost her finger feeding it its daily bucket of chum. The peels it constantly sheds around the house are also starting to smell. However, I cannot bring myself to take it to the pound, given all of this animal’s majestic adorableness and utility.
PS: Make sure you get yours fixed, or watch where you leave your fruit lying around…
HobertBrooklyn, IA


One of my friends gave me an innocent-looking banana, but I should have known something was amiss.

“What’s this blue fin sticking out of the top?” I asked.

“It’s for speed.”

“Oh, of course. That makes sense.”

If only I had heeded my intuition: I started to peel the banana and–SHARKBANANA ATTACK!

VioletaKirby, OH

Against all logic, it’s a whole shark! What craftmanship

The sharkbanana is an amazing piece of work. While, as you’d expect, the shark is stitched inside the banana, I can tell you, from personal experience, that if you manage to play with your Sharkbanana too hard and the stitching rips out, you too might be shocked to find, THERE IS A WHOLE SHARK PLUSHIE IN THERE. That is what I call attention to detail. So rather than being, as some might describe it, half-shark, half-banana, it’s actually whole-shark, whole-banana [peel]. And each piece is fun. Protip: insert a shot glass into the stuffed banana peel and fill it with banana-infused rum for a truly surreal experience. Just don’t slip on the peel or get attacked by the shark.
CeliaJohnson, VT

Delivers what it promises

I wasn’t sure whether to get my niece (age 2) a stuffed shark or a stuffed banana. Fortunately, I didn’t have to choose. Sharkbanana can be anything I want, as long as what I want is a shark, a banana, or both. Still, there’s something to be said for a multitasker like that.

Niece loves it. Dog loves it too. It has a handy carrying loop, as well as a secret stash pocket in its tummy.

NicolleDu Pont, GA

Try it on Sharkcheerios!

Sharkbanana is a great companion to any sharkmeal. If you start your day with a big bowl of sharkcereal, Sharkbanana will be a perfect addition to your breakfast routine. Need a quick snack? A slice of Sharkbanana bread will curb your cravings while giving you some of that great Sharkbanana taste. Sharkbananas Foster is guaranteed to impress your dinner guests! A Sharkbanana daiquiri will make a day of relaxing on the beach even better! Sharkbanana is the best and most versatile cartilaginous food product since Mantaraisin!
ShericeBoerne, TX

Sharkbanana may change your life

I am a long time shark banana aficionado. I’ve been involved with sharkbanana themed events, lighted sharkbanana signs, defending six foot long sharkbananas from thieves, sharkbanana cakes, you name it, I’ve tried it, and I have to say, this particular sharkbanana is still the best. He’s compact, but cuddly! I can hang him off my wrist, belt, or name badge at parties and he’s a great conversation starter. Kids love him, and adults find their inner child thrives when they hang out with him. I couldn’t recommend him more highly!
IsabelHulbert, MI


My cousin told me about this really cool toy called a Sharkbanana. At first I was a little confused as to what it was when he showed it to me but it turned out to be fantastic! The Sharkbanana is very soft and the shark is firmly in place inside of the banana so the toy won’t fall apart. This toy showed me how the familiar shapes of a shark and a banana could be combined to make a wonderful and original toy! It’s the one and only SHARKBANANA! All and all the Sharkbanana is wonderful and fun. I would recommend this product to anyone who like sharks, or bananas, or someone who wants a fun and original plush toy.
OswaldoGrahn, KY

Best. Adventurer. Ever.

This guy is the best guy ever.
We ate together.
We drank together.
We cried together.
We made love.
He knows just how to make me happy.
And he tastes delicious.
He never gives me up.
He knows how to inspire me.

He is none other than the Sharkbanana

XeniaRoss, CA

Buy before April 17th

I bought Sharkbanana to do my taxes.

Works best with BiC Ultra Round Stic Grip pen.

Be sure to buy a Sharkbanana for everyone in the family. Having only one Sharkbanana can tear a family apart.

KevaMalakoff, TX

Buying this as a gift? Remember to wrap it, then wrap it again, and again, and again, and again.

Seller has fast shipping even when I purchased it with Free Ground Shipping.

I bought this for my ADD co-worker. I placed the SharkBanana in tissue paper, inserted into a FedEx envelope, sealed it, taped the seal with packing tape.

Then I inserted the envelope into a FedEx padded envelope, sealed it, taped the seal with packing tape.

Then I inserted the padded envelope into a FedEx Small Box, sealed it, taped both ends with packing tape.

Then I inserted the FedEx Small Box into another FedEx Padded Envelope. I had to rip open the side for it to fit, sealed it, taped ripped up side with packing tape.

Then I inserted the FedEx Small Box with the Padded Envelope into a FedEx Medium Box, sealed it, taped both ends with packing tape.

Then I inserted the FedEx Medium Box into a FedEx Large Box, rolled up another padded envelope to use as a stuffer so it doesn’t shake, sealed it, taped both ends with packing tape.

Then I printed out a fake shipping label with the recipients’ name on it. This is to make them think the package just came in without the work and pranks put in.

Then guess what I forgot to do? I forgot to write messages in between each layer.

I made up for it by tossing all those thoughts into the christmas card.

What I do regret is that I didn’t capture on video the act of tearing apart the package. Being that it was taped, it wasn’t an easy task of pulling the ‘Pull Here’ tab. I made sure it was equally annoying and laughable as it was to reach the final product. “The SharkBanana!”

Now everyone wants a SharkBanana cuz it made this Secret Santa giveaway just. that. damn. awesome! (and memorable).

Thank you, SharkBanana, for making this Office 2011 Pollyanna as fun as it was exciting! You made quite a few people burst to tears from your antics even though you didn’t have to do much of anything but be yourself!

KatherynHowell, AR

Sure, why not?

Nicknamed my GF Sharky. So naturally I would have to buy her Shark related stuffed animals. This is a Shark inside a banana. It doesn’t make any sense, but many of the things in this world don’t. Just learn to accept it!
LelandElizabeth, WV

Sharkbanana: The perfect date for any occasion!!

Sharkbanana is a handsome young lad, he’s great to bring to those awkward family events where you’re expected to have a date, such as: weddings, funerals, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Bar mitzvahs, etc. No matter if you’re male or female, he doesn’t have a preference (or a say in the matter). He’s the life of the party, wherever he goes!
BenitoFagus, MO


It’s a shark. In a banana. By some amazing government conspiracy, the sharkbanana has made it out to the markets. What’s not to love? Predator of the sea, excellent source of potassium. The best thing ever.
AnnetteDeering, MO

Now you too can touch perfection.

This is the Mona Lisa of the toy world. Perfection is its name. Get one before you get left behind.
RashadHorseshoe Bend, AR

“A SHARKBANANA?!?!?!?!!!”

was my sister’s reaction when she opened up her birthday present. She also says, “It’s a good thing someone thinks of these things, so there will always be randomness that we don’t know we need until we get it.”
CarmeliaNewport Center, VT

Sad to have lost mine

I loved my Sharkbanana. It was so cute and menacing, all in one package. Unfortunately, my coworker’s dog loved it, too. One day when we left him to his own devices, he grabbed my sharkbanana off my desk and tore it to pieces. I found banana peel and shark fin bits all over the office 🙁
ElliottWaldron, AR

True Story

It’s a little known fact that the Ark of the Covenant contained ONLY sharkbananas. I would encourage you all to purchase your own sharkbananas but unfortunately, I’ve bought out the entire stock.

Amazon appears to have restocked the sharkbanana since my buyout. I’m refinancing my mortgage to free up some cash. Better get’em before that happens.

TamishaNorth Scituate, RI


I recieved a sharkbanana for Chrismas. This is the best gift I have ever gotten. I have instructed it to eat only people like David Pearlman and my life is better for it. And it’s packed with potassium.
MerleHanson, MA

All the sharkness and banananess you could ask for

Shark Banana becomes your best friend the first time you two make eye contact. He’s loyal, funny, wise, and a great friend. I’ve had so many wonderful debates with him. I also consult him for help with the ladies. Shark Banana changed my life, giving me happiness, prosperity, money, and women. I love my shark banana more than anything.
ChaseAiley, GA

Take a Bite out of Boredom!

No words can describe quite how A-PEELING Sharkbanana is…mix a shark and a banana and what is it that you get? A never-ending source of pure awesomeness!
AnniceRussellville, AR

This Product Took My Virginity

There was a time I loved frolicking in the Fall leaves… no longer. There was a time when the smell of my mother’s mashed potatoes made me dash to the dinner table… no longer. Once, I was an athlete, but my targets now lay covered in dust, by bow is un-strung, bullseyes… no longer. Sharkbanana didn’t only take my innocence, it took my soul. The funny part is, I wanted it too. I wanted… no… demanded it take everything. My life is now Sharkbanana (and vice versa). For those of you interested in being hypnotized and completely consumed by an inanimate object, I highly recommend this cute affordable stuffed toy. However, take caution and know that Sharkbanana takes as much as it gives (and vice versa).
LavonGause, TX