Shelton’s Turkey Jerky, Hot & Spicy, 4-Ounce Bags

Made from turkey raised without antibiotics. Free range. Wheat free. Contains 1 gram total carbohydrates per serving. The serious snack. U.S. inspected for wholesomeness by U.S. Department of Agriculture. Shelton’s Beef Jerky is made from thinly-sliced beef meat, marinated in a flavorful tamari mixture, and then slowly dried in ovens. We use no preservatives. After all, Shelton’s Beef Jerky is the stuff that serious snacks are made of!

Quick facts

  • Pack of six 4-ounce bags of spicy turkey jerky (24 total ounces)
  • Made with free-range turkey raised without antibiotics; 100% wheat free
  • Only 0.5 grams of fat and 1 gram of carbohydrates per serving; 9 grams of protein; 100% sugar and gluten free
  • Satisfying, protein-rich snack
  • 100% preservative and antibiotic free

Top reviews

it sucked!!!

It sucked, cause I never got it, until this day I never heard from the sender, the good think was that I got my money back.
VinnieCoulter, IA

Terrible low quality pressed bits in tiny bags

This turkey jerky is really bad quality jerky. It comes as a bunch of tiny extremely thin pressed bits in tiny bags. The little pieces are dry, bad tasting and look like they are reconstituted without any texture to them at all. I have been getting jerky from a place called Mountain America Jerky which recently raised their prices and so I am trying merchants. This jerky is really really bad. The other merchant I have tried for turkey jerky is Golden Valley which is much much better than this jerky. Don’t get this stuff at all. It is really bad. Try the Golden Valley jerky also here at amazon. That at least has some decent flavor and you can tell it once was a turkey! This stuff is just awful.
AdelinaHitchita, OK

Really good stuff!

This turkey jerky is really good. Just the right amount of flavor and chewiness. I only wish it wasn’t so expensive. Love that it’s gluten free and all natural, so we’ll keep ordering!
AliCortez, FL

Excellent Source of Protein for Snacking

As a Certified Personal Trainer, I am always looking for products to recommend to my clients. Of course, I would never recommend anything that I have not tried for myself FIRST. Free range turkey jerky is an excellent choice for snacking, and Shelton’s is by far the BEST TASTING! The flavor is not too spicy, but certainly not bland either. The jerky’s texture is very chewable, not leather-like. Even my elderly clients can chew it. Being turkey, not beef, it saves you calories and fat. It is a great source of (antibiotic-free) protein that does not make you feel bloated, so it perfect for snacking. No need to worry about refrigeration after opening, so you can carry it in your gym bag and have the perfect post-workout protein snack. I also recommend my clients keep it at work so they can avoid being tempted by the vending machines. Amazon has it at a GREAT price!!
CarlitaTwin Rocks, PA

Not-too-sweet Jerky

This jerky is not the usual over-sweetened, mushy jerky that seems to be popular today. If that is what you like, this is not your jerky. For folks who like their jerky flavorful but not sweet, this is peppered but not super spicy. The texture is dry and hard like traditional jerky, rather than soft and oily. It takes some chewing but it is not overly tough.
RodThonotosassa, FL

The best jerky I’ve ever tried! So good!

– Excellent cuts of meat with no tendons.
– Very tasty. Just the right mix of spices.
– No added MSG and no added sugar!
– Convenient small snack-size bags.

The best jerky I’ve ever encountered.

ElinMc Allister, MT

Delicious! The best jerky I’ve ever encountered!

– Excellent cuts of meat with no tendons.
– Very tasty. Just the right mix of spices.
– No added MSG and no added sugar!
– Resealable bag. (Rarely need this.)

The best jerky I’ve ever encountered.

BarbarJoppa, MD

Jerky Jerky

If you like a hot, hard chew with little taste, try these. I didn’t enjoy them.
JudieSahuarita, AZ

Very, very dry turkey jerky, if you like Trader Joe’s jerky you won’t like this

I ordered the 6 pack of Shelton’s Turkey Jerky. With great anticipation, I opened the first package. Much to my disappointment, the jerky was quite dry and brittle. I was hoping for something more like Trader Joe’s turkey jerky which is always moist and tasty. I will eventually eat what I ordered, but unlike the Trader Joe’s brand, this stuff will hang around until I’m desperate for anything to munch on.
AngellaAdelphia, NJ

Finally! A jerky that isn’t made with sugar!

It is nearly impossible to find jerky anywhere that isn’t basted with sugar, or dextrose (same thing!). I was so glad to find this jerky, and when I ordered it I wondered if it would be any good. Mystery solved: this is fantastic! It has a great spicy kick to it, one that doesn’t linger though. And knowing that it’s turkey, you know you’re eating a fairly healthy snack, too. Love this stuff, I’m hooked!
ChelsieBridge City, TX

Great Flavor! Convenient Packs!

I have been buying this turkey jerky for several years. Love it!! Because it is turkey, it contains less fat than traditional beef jerky. Do not be fooled into thinking that because it it turkey is is without flavor!! This peppered jerky will satisfy your craving with a kick of spice. It is not sweet or barbecue flavored, just great peppered turkey taste. The 12, one ounce packages are perfect for the gym bag as an after workout snack, or take them to work and eat them instead of something nasty out of the vending machine! You will not be disappointed.
SudieCayuga, TX

Thinest stale turkey jerky.

I have never had worst product. It was extremely hard and tasteless. I can’t believe that I paid so much for it. I gave it two stars instead of one so people will read this review. Of course I couldn’t return it because they call it food. The package picture misrepresents the product. Very little brown turkey, I would never buy it at a store. I will read the negative reviews first from now on, which were the truth, not the over abundance of five star. I was going to say that I will never order food products again from Amazon but I have bought very good Stevia Chocolate before.
JospehGreen Lake, WI

I am a little unhappy

I have been purchasing this product for over a year and lately my jerky is hard as a rock. I have been feeling like my over $30.00 per month is wasted:(. i have recommended this product to many people, but now I feel bad.
AngieWetumka, OK

Turkey Jerkey

It is really good. I enjoy it for a snack and it is very pleasing.


TomasLocust Grove, GA

Best natural jerkey

I tried this when I was in Southern California and cannot find it anywhere in northern California. I like it because it is poultry and has natural ingredients with no preservatives. I can eat it instead of a protein bar, I can take it camping, it doubles as “emergency earthquake supplies”. AND it’s not full of fat or sugar. I find the price a little high, but i make sure to have the bag last for several days.
MirianNew Offenburg, MO