Sherry Wine Vinegar from Jerez – Low acidity – 25.4oz

The “Solera” and “Anada” systems are the two methods of maturation traditionally used within the production area for the Appelation of Origin “Vinagre de Jerez” to produce Sherry Vinegar. Essential in preparing marinades and salad dressings. Only a few drops are needed to get all the Sherry flavor. Only 7 percent acidity.

Quick facts

  • 25.4oz / 750ml
  • Low Acidity
  • Traditionally produced
  • Imported from Spain

Top reviews

Fine for more than you’d think

I first came to sherry vinegar because it is milder than the normal grocery-store plonk; I had in mind using less olive oil and therefore freighting in fewer calories. And it is good for that. But bear in mind that because it is not as acidic you might use more if you’re looking for sourness, but the sherry taste is good.

But I’ve found another use for it, a French technique. Finish reduction sauces with a shot of it, and it adds a great depth of flavor. If you want to blow the calories you’ve saved on the oil, mount the sauce at the end with butter too. Add a shot of this vinegar to stews too; a normal vinegar might be too overpowering but the sherry vinegar merely adds flavor.

I buy it by the case.

EllisMonument Beach, MA

Jerez Sherry Vinegar

I was looking for this for a long time. It’s a wonderful product and was at a very good price. Excellant service from seller.
ShaunGroton, CT

works for me

I started using sherry vinegar for salad dressing after reading a Mark Bittman recommendation. I tried this brand first and like it enough that I’m sticking with it when re-ordering. I use 1/3 each soy sauce, olive oil and this product, and, sometimes salt, pepper, and herbs.

Right now, wonderful with summer fruit salads.

IdellMadill, OK