Shirakiku Sanukiya Udon Nama Chicken No MSG, 7.05-Ounce

Shirakiku Sanykiya Udon Nama Chicken Japanese style noodles are a super delicious instant soup. Fast and easy to prepare, this soup tastes like an authentic udon dish. No MSG, no cholesterol and low in fat.

Quick facts

  • Single serving of flavored udon noodles
  • Sanuki style udon is charaterized by its square shape and flat edges it has a firm yet pleasantly chewy texture
  • No msg added; Cholesterol free; Low fat
  • No MSG
  • Pack of 12 7.05-ounce packages

Top reviews

Love these

I had found these at an asian market but wasn’t able to find them closer to home. These are great for a quick lunch or dinner!
JeffieStevenson, MD