SHOCK-A-LOTS : Coffee Bean Covered Chocolate Candy

Shock-A-Lots. Ahem, here we go…Chocolate covered, candy-coated, hyper-caffeinated, Shock coffee beans. That’s a mouthful. And, eating a mouthful of these is about the equivalent of putting one cup of coffee in your mouth. No time to brew coffee? On the run? Ready for a workout? Here ya go! And the best part is…these are way tastier than any other chocolate covered coffee bean you’ve ever had.

Quick facts

  • Coffee beans covered in chocolate and a yellow candy shell
  • Caffeine equivalent of 2.5 cups of coffee
  • Approx 20 beans per bag
  • Carry with you for an instant energy boost

Top reviews

First introduced in Basic Training, lol

Love these, they’re like chocolate covered crack, jk. But they have a well balanced coffee-bitter/sugar sweet taste, and will keep you awake better than anything, without the jitters. All-in-all product 9/10, shipper 5/10 (they were melted when I got them:(
NicholasNewbury, OH

Great overall

I ordered twice from this seller; the products sold by this store are great! The flavors and effectiveness of their products is through the roof. The item is a tasty treat for yourself during the day, with the sweetness of the chocolate along with the bitterness of the coffee bean is an amazing combination, and you will be nicely energized for the rest of the day. The sellers themselves are amazingly helpful and very quick to respond to any problems you may be having, I highly recommend this product from this seller. 10/10
KarynCounce, TN