Shortbread House of Edinburgh’s Shortbread Finger Tin

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, the Shortbread House was started by Anna Wilson using her mother’s recipes and has since become a premier brand of shortbread throughout the British Isles. Using no shortcuts or preservatives and still made with the same recipes by hand, this shortbread is baked slowly until golden brown and then cut into fingers while still warm from the oven. Its buttery and nutty flavor, and crunchy yet delicate texture is seldom found except in only the finest homemade shortbread. Net Weight: 14oz Country of Origin: U.K. Organic: No Kosher: No Vegetarian: Yes Vegan: No Allergy Information: wheat, gluten, milk; may contain: tree-nuts

Quick facts

  • The Real McCoy of Shortbread.
  • Tin contains 14 oz of Shortbread Fingers.
  • Shortbread house is a family-run bakery in Scotland.
  • After baking the dough in trays, it is cut into fingers by hand.
  • Uses the very best ingredients.

Top reviews

Top Notch — too bad I cant find it that often

These shortbread cookies are AWESOME. I prefer the orange-chocolate chip, as they go well with chai earl grey, but they’re all good. The question is, are they worth the price that people offer them at in the United States? It’s hard to say. As somebody who couldn’t stop eating these when I started…i mean, I’d have to file for bankruptcy to satisfy the craving.

But if you’re throwing a “tea party” or something, or having some infrequent get together, it could be worth the price. For everyday…even weekly eating…forget it. While it does taste great, and that’s what the 5 star is for, the price is high. But it’s high because these guys use the best quality ingredients, and I’m sure because it has to be imported to the States.

ShannonHopkins Park, IL

Not all shortbreads are made alike…

A colleague from the UK recommended I try shortbread during a trip to Scotland “as they don’t know how to make them ‘right’ anywhere else apparently.” With some reservation (I like baking, pastries, and cookies but haven’t had a shortbread cookie I’ve liked yet), I bought a box and brought them home. My only MAJOR regret was that I did not bring a case home.

These are without a doubt the most delectable, soft, flakey, gentle, sweet cookies/dessert/shortbread, I have ever had. Absolutely delicious with a cup of hot tea (recommend heather or thistle tea of the same Scottish flair, also Darjeeling works well). I did try a few other brands whilst in Edinburgh (Nairns – chunky, butterfilled, hard and rather gross. Walkers.. so-so). But this, this is the best of the best!

ChastityEast Derry, NH