Sicilia Lime Juice – 7 oz

When fresh limes are not available, it’s nice to have Sicilia lime juice in your pantry!! Perfect for adding to guacamole and salsas, salads and vinaigrettes, appetizers or main dishes, even desserts! Limes add a fragrance and ethnic flavor to dishes.

Quick facts

  • Use Like Fresh Limes
  • Squeezed from Real Limes
  • Imported from Italy

Top reviews

Sulphur Dioxide- Toxic Preservative

This product contains sulphur dioxide as a preservative, which if taken in high amounts could be toxic. Asthmatics should also be careful of products with sulphur dioxide, including many dried fruits. Care should be taken by the manufacturer to create products to avoid preservatives or use naturally occurring preservatives rather than chemicals.
MaryannEphraim, WI

Right Off The Tree!

Sicilia makes it easy for those of us who can’t grow the trees. Sicilia Lime (and Lemon) juices are the ONLY ones that I will add to my sauces–and my Margaritas.
TyroneGoshen, MA

You don’t know what good lime juice is…

… until you’ve had *this* lime juice.

I absolutely love everything lime; but I had no idea that the lime juice carried in typical grocery stores, and the sad limes in the produce aisles, really weren’t living up to their potential. It sounds silly, but it’s true.

I had this for the first time in a Gin & Tonic at a friend’s house. It had an amazing, lightly floral, aroma & flavor that I absolutely loved. I couldn’t find it anywhere local, so I came to Amazon.

Try it. I strongly suspect it’s unlike anything you’ve had before; it was for me. For an even more incredible experience, try it with Hendrick’s Gin; it’s a wonderful synergy.

Regarding the use of Sulfur Dioxide: it’s a widely used preservative, especially in wine. It’s a non-issue here.

ChereeBernard, ME

This Stuff is Terrific

This stuff is s-o-o-o-o much better than any other product I’ve tried. Indeed, the quality of this product can exceed the taste of fresh-squeezed lime juice if you aren’t careful about choosing your limes. I’ve ordered six or seven over the last year or so and only one had a taste that was just a bit off. Again, I don’t do better with lemons.

I have amended this review owing to an angry – perhaps understandably so – comment indicating that some people may have a severe allergic reaction to the preservative in this product. I did some research and found that while such reactions are quite rare, they can be very serious. As such I will add to my review a very serious caveat that people allergic to sulpher dioxide should avoid this product. I don’t know whether the amounts of that substance in this product are sufficient to trigger such a reaction, but, certainly it is better to act with caution.

What I absolutely can vouch for is the quality of the taste of this product which is nearly impossible to distinguish from freshly squeezed limes.

AnisaBurlington, IA