Signature’s Kirkland Starbucks Bean Coffee, Medium Roast House Blend, 32 Ounce

Medium roast.

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  • Fair trade certified

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First Rate Blend.

I really enjoy coffee, and I have ever since my teenage years. My tastes have gradually evolved and escalated. The first to go was any kind of instant coffee. How anyone could drink that swill is beyond me. Next to go was any kind of additive, such as cream or sugar. The next to go was any kind of ground coffee in a can. Some is marginally OK, but compared to whole-bean coffee, it just doesn’t cut it. No, whole-bean coffee without any additives and ground on the spot is the only coffee I’ll drink, short of some kind of emergency.

When It comes to whole-bean coffees, there’s quite an amazing variety. I found Trader Joe’s to have an excellent selection from all over the world, and the cost (on a per pound basis) was typically about 50% that of what you might expect to pay in the local super market. I particularly liked their Columbian Supremo. The problem is, the local Trader Joe”s is a long way off and I sometimes run out between visits. Well, I’ve then picked up some large bags of beans, one of which was Starbucks French Roast, at my local Costco store and it was quite excellent. Starbucks is first rate, but tends to be somewhat pricey, even when purchased at Costco.

Well, one day I discovered the Kirkland Signature House Blend bags of whole-bean coffee at Costco. In my opinion, Kirkland Signature products have always been of the highest quality but at a substantially reduced price. For example, this Kirkland coffee is almost half the cost (on a per pound basis) of Starbucks French Roast. But, right on the front of the Kirkland package it says “Roasted by Starbucks Coffee Co.” Hmmmm. I just had to try this one. Well, it’s excellent. It’s a little less robust than my Starbucks French Roast, but I prefer it that way. I’d say it’s first rate coffee at a bargain basement price. Buying whole-bean coffee at the local supermarket is now out of the question.

Gary Peterson

LakeshiaWallace, MI

Prefect for Jura expresso machine

I have a Jura Capresso automatic espresso machine. I like it, but I have found it difficult to find beans that make expresso that takes much like what you might get at a Starbucks. The beans have to be very robust, but they can’t be French or Italian roasted because that makes them too oily (which can clog the machine). I’ve tried lots and lots of different beans, some quite expensive (like more than $20 / lb.). I saw these at Costco and decided to give them a try. They are perfect. The flavor is great, and the roast is pretty dry so they work beautifully in my machine.
KhalilahBethelridge, KY


BEWARE!! As usual everything about the deal went great because of Amazon; prompt delivery, etc., etc. However, this coffee will expire in less then 3 months. So, clearly, this has been sitting around somewhere. I buy other Kirkland coffee’s at my local Costco and they usually don’t expire for 12 to 18 months. Unfortunately, the Kirkland Espresso hasn’t made it to the East Coast (last year or so far this year), at least not at the Costco’s around me, and I wanted to try it, since, even at this inflated price it’s priced about the same as 2 pounds of Lavazza, etc.

So, hopefully it will be fine when I open it, but don’t buy this expecting to use it this winter!

SariWestmoreland, TN

I think this coffe has changed recently

We used to drink this all the time. It was a great coffee. But recently we noticed that the formula has changed. Something has changed, because both my wife and started noticing that the taste was different and it always tastes a little weak now. We’ve tried a few different brands lately, and sure enough, something about that Kirkland coffee is different than before, and we just don’t care for it. I wonder what changed?
DimpleRockdale, TX

Great coffee

Discovered this coffee at Costco. I had a hard time finding a coffee with lots of flavour. Wonderful coffee but a RESEALABLE BAG would be an improvement.
MarcusGrand Saline, TX

This is some GREAT coffee!

I purchased this at my local Costco (I’m still a little unsure as to how Amazon carries Kirkland brand?). It was much cheaper (less than ten bucks), but it is some DARN good coffee! It is mild, smooth, and has an amazing flavor. I was a little “iffy” on it when I first picked it up, but you surely won’t be disappointed!
LauranNeopit, WI

Excellent coffee, excellent price.

The beans are medium roasted, not too bitter or too light. The brew comes out with a nice kick to it, and only once or twice has it tasted burnt. I’m actually drinking it right now: the aroma is quite strong, the coffee is full-bodied, rich, and goes down nicely. The beans by themselves are also quite tasty.

Overall, it’s a good brew at a good price.

DavidThor, IA

A pleasant surprise!

I didn’t know what to expect when I purchased this and was surprised to find a bag of fresh, oily, and fragrant beans. Since this is one of the more affordable Costco coffees, I really wasn’t expecting this to trump my favourite brands!
I’m getting a much richer and smoother coffee than I was with pre-ground, vacuum sealed grounds, and beans from any other brand I’ve tried.
Now I can make equal, if not better coffee than I can drink at coffeehouses! Unlike some other reviewers I am having no trouble producing a strong, rich espresso from these beans.
JavierMerrifield, VA


I’m not a coffee snob, but for the price you can’t find better coffee anywhere else. After drinking this for over a year I can’t even begin to imagine drinking folgers or some other cheap coffee. High grade beans at a low grade price.
BelindaFort Sill, OK

Kirkland Decaf whole bean coffee

This coffee is the best decaf coffee you will ever taste. We finally found this coffee after trying dozens of other decaf coffees and it is so rich and flavorful that you wouldn’t know that it a decaf coffee.
KumManchester, OH

kirkland signature house blend bean coffee

This coffee is ok for the price. Better than most supermarket brands. Similar to Starbuck’s House Blend. I prefer a little richer, darker brew than this, but I think the quality is fine. No “off” flavors that I detected. I forgot to add that it seems to me to be low acid. This is a large bag I ordered and I left the whole bag out on the counter and used it from there, but it got a little stale before I used it all. I would suggest just taking out a bit at a time and storing the balance.
AideKeyes, CA

Slightly burnt, but not horrible.

Maybe they just had the roaster a little too hot that day, but our beans were slightly burnt. That being said, I can see (taste) the blend’s potential. I’m no connoisseur, but I have my preferences. This blend was ok…not good, not great, just okay.
YasminShepherdsville, KY

Not a lot of taste

Am a recent burr grinder user and have tried a few different beans and this one lacks flavor or body, something’s missing. Had the Kirkland Columbia coffee and that was better but still looking for a really good coffee to brew and this isn’t the one. As one other recent reviewer noted, this just seems weak, not much taste.
CyndiMandan, ND

Promising Aroma, but Disappointing Coffee.

I enjoy whole-roasted coffee beans. Once you grind your own coffee you just can never go back to coffee in a can, or certainly not instant coffee. Well, whole bean coffees are expensive in a grocery store or supermarket. I’ve discovered a lower-cost alternative. I pick up two or three pound containers at Trader Joe’s or Costco. The Costco source is particularly interesting in that they always seem to have two or three different kinds, but the kinds seem to change on every other visit. Over the years, I’ve had coffees from all over the world. This latest time there was a pallet of Kirkland Signature Dark Roast Espresso Blend (with a little tag that said roasted by Starbucks Coffee Co.) The aroma around the display was excellent and I couldn’t resist.

When I opened the bag, the rich aroma was almost overwhelming. My wife even loved it and she isn’t a coffee drinker. The coffee itself isn’t all that impressive. It has a good light tasty flavor that seems mild and slightly sweet and goes down quite easily. I’d have to guess that the caffeine content was not up to the level I was used to in other whole-bean coffees and it doesn’t provide that good morning jolt. I was expecting something richer and more robust, more like a dark roast. Well, this is a nice coffee, but if you’re looking for something that will grow hair on your chest, this is not the one. It has a good flavor, but it’s weak. I’ll have no trouble finishing the bag, but I’m disappointed. The aroma was so promising and the coffee just wasn’t up to it.

Gary Peterson

SammyEffingham, SC

House Blend- (Arabica Beans) Kirkland Signature 2LB bag

Coffee is smooth not overly robust like starbucks. On the bag, it says”store in airtight container”. I haven’t done this at all. I kept the beans in the bag and used a vacum seal on it to keep it fresh…and wahla!! It stayed fresh for over 8mos and continues to make a fresh blend when grinding the beans. I have used other gourmet coffee beans and I must say that this Kirkland Signature House Blend coffee is absolutely delicious. Currently, my bag is getting very low. Since I live less than 8 miles from Costco, I will go to Costco to purchase.
NedaTrevett, ME

Tasty but not caffeinated enough

This coffee is really, really delicious, quality-tasting and fresh, but it does NOT wake me up. Doesn’t seem to have much caffeine. If I drink some in the afternoon before work, I notice no difference in energy. I just found out today that there is actually more caffeine in light roast coffee, so I’m gonna get Starbucks Breakfast Blend.
TristaNorth Aurora, IL


I love Starbucks but I don’t like paying the price for espresso from Starbucks. When I was looking around on Amazon and found these beans were brewed by Starbucks and made by Kirkland, me being a Cosco lover and a Starbucks lover I was sold! Verrry glad I decided to go with these beans! They taste like high quality espresso beans, I get compliments all the time when I make friends and family lattes. You can not go wrong! purchase these beans!
TamraWolf Creek, OR