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lurrie in france

I saw Lurrie in Calais after a 6 hour drive down from Manchester & a Channel crossing that was extremely rough – however it was well-worth it all as he gave a stellar performance.
Like a young Otis Rush, he was totoall in commannd of his guitar &, even when he went down paths that seemed impossible, he extricated himsself with aplomb & an impressive feel for the music that cannot be taught.
I’ve got so many abums – &, despite my wife, I’m still buying – but this is one I can’t stop playing.
In recent months (as in years past)Lurrie is most reluctantly living the life of someone who must know the blues inside-out; I wish him solace in his work & in his young child & many more years of productive work akin to this standard.
Bill Pollard, Manchester UK
CristieCollingswood, NJ

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If you are a fan of Chicago blues, you cannot go wrong with this disc. It is impeccable in its style and execution and pays homage to the great Chicago blues artists. If you are a blues fan who likes guitar pyrotechnics rather than heartfelt emotions expressed in the lyrics and the music, this disc may not be for you. Altogether, one of the finest blues disks by a contemporary artist that I have heard in a long, long time.
ShemekaEllsworth, IA

Chicago blues

Saw this performer in Big Bear at a jazz festival and really liked his music. If you like Chicago blues, you’ll enjoy this CD. Never heard of him before the concert and I’m glad I purchased the CD
PearlDodge City, KS

Real deal Chicago Blues

Purists, fans, and music lovers rejoice. Here is some excellent Chicago Blues. So many of the “Blues” CDs that I am sent are not really Blues albums. Instead, they are Rock albums marketed towards an aging population of white middle-class Baby Boomers who miss the sounds of the Sixties, but can’t find anything in the wasteland of commercial radio that bears resemblance in tone, texture, soul, or feel.
ElvinaLyndora, PA

Chicago’s secret weapon.

It’s amazing that Bell isn’t more well-known, as no one who hears him ever forgets him. Lurrie is one of the handful of adepts whose talent overcomes all obstacles. No matter what the guitar, amp, accompaniment or material’s quality is, Lurrie is always recognizable, and always great. With soulful, smart production by Matthew Skoller, Lurrie’s latest is the best blues cd of 2007.
BasiliaEsopus, NY