Similac Advance Infant Formula, Ready To Feed, 8-Fluid Ounces


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not worth the price

I thought I was getting 6 boxes of 8oz for $22 (which is a great price) but instead I got a package of 6, 8oz bottles for $22, which is 3X what I would pay at the store. Next time I will read the description more carefully. Beware!
KaseySmithfield, OH

Convenient for emergencies and travel

Great for those times when you are low/out of formula with a crying baby. Also great to have in baby bag for travel since it does not have to be refrigerated til it has been opened. Only negative is that baby seems to now prefer other brand I’ve been using over this one…
YolondaPound, WI

Watch for the Price!

The product is great, we always have a bottle in the bag in case we need it, it is very convenient – but in the super market (Shop rite) it costs 9.99, so not sure what the weird markup is all about… (at the time of this review the price is $18.99)
VanessaSebec, ME

theres something wrong with the price here!

this is just $10 at store. Why would this seller here in amazon sell it this expensive!
ShirelyLombard, IL

Good for travel, MUCH lower price in the stores

We used this when traveling with our 6 month old and it was convenient. Beware though, the 6 pack of 8oz bottles are sold for $9.99 in our local “big box” store. At $14.99 plus shipping, this is way overpriced.
KizzieSalyer, CA


This is twice the price in an average grocery store. I am bothered that this is so expensive here, and will not purchase anything from this seller without cross-checking the item first!
FumikoMaxie, VA

Nipples not included

We bought these for a plane trip, thinking it would be very handy not to have to mix formula or carry dirty bottles around. The problem with these is that they don’t include any disposable nipples, and the nipples from the bottles we use (NUK) don’t fit these bottles, nor are the disposable nipples easily available. They aren’t made by similac, only enfamil for one thing, and enfamil only sells them in very large quantities which other people repackage in small quantities at ridiculous prices. I did eventually learn that the baby’s old medela nipples do fit these bottles, but it was a real hassle to figure all of this out. I even contacted the company and they gave me very vague unhelpful advice. At the very least I wish all of this was made clear in the product description!
MerleneMount Calvary, WI

Wow amazon 22.00 vs 9.85 at wall-mart??? really?

is this a joke with almost $13.00 difference in price, amazon is ripping us off,lol i mean why but formula online anyway because of the time it takes, but did someone in amazon corp offices did any research or they just thought people wouldn’t care?
BradEncinal, TX