Similac Advance Infant Formula with Iron, Stage 1 Powder, 23.2 Ounces

New, Simiilac Advance EarlyShield, DHA/ARA formula enhanced with EarlyShield blend. Designed to be more like breastmilk. A blend of Prebiotics, Nucleotides, & Antioxidants with Iron. For Babies 0 to 12 Months.

Quick facts

  • Similac Advance Early Shield, Formula, Powder, 23.2-Ounces/1.45Lbs

Top reviews

Great Formula but…

We received a sample can of this “Blue” formula from the hospital after our baby was born and we used it when we needed to ween from breast to bottle and the baby drank it normal. She got a bit fussy more and more and on a whim we decided to try the “Similac Sensitive” formula in the “Orange Can”. Wow what a difference. Our baby drank more of it, it was easier to mix (blue kind of clumpy), and she was less gassy and fussy. It’s the same brand Similac only in the orange can. A couple of bucks more is more than worthwhile. Still Similac should get 5 stars but only get 3 on the blue can.
KeeshaAntler, ND

It’s been almost one month! Still not shipped.

I have to say I am very disappointed in this deal. The merchant claimed he couldn’t get a box from post office by the end of holidays. Now it’s been more than two weeks after the holidays but the product was still not sent out. Made me think the merchant wasn’t quite honest in this whole thing.
NickolasArnett, WV