Similac Advance Infant Formula with Iron, Stage 1 Ready-to-Feed Bottles, 8 Ounce,

Similac Advance Early Shield infant formula that has unique blend of prebiotics, nucleotides and antioxidants – nutrients naturally found in breast milk and it has DHA and ARA, ingredients to help support your baby’s brain and eye development. And Similac Advance EarlyShield is kosher.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 24, 8 Ounce bottle (Total of 192 ounces)
  • Infant formula made with DHA/ARA for brain development
  • Nipple Ready and disposable
  • No prep, mess or clean-up
  • Feeding ounces view strip on package
  • No refrigeration needed before opening

Top reviews

made newborn twin babies sick, returned item

I ordered this item for my great grandbabies it made them
sick, this is not the first time I’ve had a problem with
similac hospitals need to stop putting newborns on this
I think they have a contract with the hospitals
RebeckaPentwater, MI

This milk makes our baby really sick!! 🙁

Sorry to give this 1 star. but this milk really makes our baby really sick!! :(, literally!!
if your baby can take it, I guess it’s a good one but for us, we had the worst experience with it.

Here is our story.
My baby had been solely breastfed. After 9 months my wife was running short of her milk. She didn’t have enough breastmilk for the baby and he didn’t take as much solid food as we would want him to.
We gave him Similac Advance, it was recommended by the hospital. First Similac Advance Liquid, he threw up 9 times within 2 hours after half an hour of feeding. That happened twice. A few days later, we tried Similac Advance power, he threw up again! This time 5 times plus serious diarrhea for 5 days. He has lost 5% of his weight within 2 days. That’s really bad.

We were desperate. We took him to the hospital twice that week. The doctor though it was stomach flu.
However, I didn’t quit agree with him. What a coincident that 2 different formula milk feeding incidents would throw my baby off balance. I’m a computer engineer and dealing with solving and debugging problems all the time.
I was firm with the doctor that this was not a coincident. I thought it might have something to do with the protein in the formula that my baby couldn’t digest. We decided to try Lactose free formula (Nutramigen from Enflora). It smell and taste really awful (my wife tried it and she gagged.
As we thought, my baby rejected to drink it. Then I tried Good Start soy. Same story, smell bad but not as bad as Nutromigen. My baby also rejected to drink it.

Now we were really desperate, not enough milk for him and he doesn’t like to eat solid food!! He would throw up + diarrhea if he gave him normal formula milk. Phone call to 4 advise nurses, no luck! I finally search on the internet and found a lot of similar story to what we experienced (including this on Amazon reviews).
I decided to give it a final try, crossing our fingers really tight. Good Start Gentle Plus is our last hope or my baby would not have any more milk to drink. He’s losing weight!!

And then miracle happened!!! This milk works wonderfully for him. The only complain I would have is that it doesn’t smell as good as the normal cow milk-based formula, however, doesn’t smell or taste awful like the other two.

My baby didn’t quite used to the tasted in the beginning and didn’t really want to drink it at first. So we tried mixed it with breastmilk for a few days.

Now he is a happy baby, gaining weight, doesn’t throw up and used to the taste of it.
My wife and I are now happy again 🙂

VerenaDana, IN

Unclear bottle count

I like the similac formula bottles. However, I was looking to find these bottles for a lower price through Amazon, so I came to order these bottles. My understanding from the way the product was described is that there were 24 cases of 6 bottles, not 24 bottles total. At 24 bottles total (which is what I received), this is a worse price than what I pay at my grocery store (which is the most expensive place I have bought them).
AltheaUxbridge, MA

It Still Hasn’t Arrived!!!

I ordered this product in October and it still hasn’t arrived. There is apparently no way to contact the shipper. The item itself is excellent but this level of service is atrocious.
LoveTurnersburg, NC

Similac 8oz 24pk from Amazon

Five days and no shipment for an in-stock product?! First time you let me down Amazon… My baby can’t wait so I’m off to the dreaded grocery store. Baby food ships first guys… B A B Y food! 🙂
TrinityHealy, KS

Convenient but BPA issue

I loved these since they are so convenient. I hate powder formula since I always have problems with clumps and they are messy. It was so nice to just open one of these rather having to mix and shake and get powder all over the place. And they carry so well….alas, due to the BPA chemical leaching issue, I switched to powder again. I hope they switch to BPA free containers.
ArgentinaMinden, WV

Leakage issues.

The Ready to feed idea is great. I recently travelled with my twins on a long flight (almost 20 hrs). It was very helpful especially with two babies. But, it leaked with my regular Dr.Brown’s nipples. I was kind of disappointed because it would spill all over my kids’s neck. It kind of worked by holding the bottle at a certain angle sometimes. It would be best if it came with disposable nipples. On the return flight I poured the RTF formula into my regular Dr.Brown’s bottles and fed my babies. This way there was no leakage. I didn’t like the idea of carrying many Dr.Brown’s bottles to prevent leakage but atleast I didnt have to prepare formula on the flight with two babies. I would definitely recommend buying these RTF and maybe try it with different nipples.On similac’s website I saw that they had disposable nipples but not sure if those would fit these.
XiomaraCorning, IA

over priced

This is for 4 six pack boxes. You can get these boxes for 6.99 at Target, so this price is over $10 more. My bad for not checking the local price beforehand. I won’t make that mistake again!
LavernaRedding Ridge, CT

I’m so disappointed!

I am so incredibly disappointed that this item (and many other formula items) is not directly available from Amazon anymore. I was a regular customer for this product but can not afford the increase in price and also the shipping/handling that other companies charge, for the very same thing. In all my years as a customer here and with all the thousands of dollars I’ve spent with Amazon, this is the first time you’ve disappointed me. 🙁
CheriMapaville, MO

product description

I hope the product description should be given more detail so that the consumer will choose the very right one.
overall, it’s a good experience to buy Similac and get it within 2 days.
ElvisLoganton, PA

Paying extra for convenience.

I buy these for the times when I am in a serious rush- just toss a few in the diaper bag along with some standard size nipples and rings and I can be out the door in a flash.

-Fast and easy.
-I don’t have to worry about them leaking all over my expensive diaper bag.
-I don’t have to keep them refrigerated.
-The bottles are compact, so I can fit more in my bag vs. large bottles with water in them plus a container of powdered formula.
-No washing bottles, only nipples and rings. I stocked up on Evenflo and Gerber cheap plastic bottles and I have more nipples and rings than I know what to do with.
-Toss it out when you’re done, so your diaper bag gets lighter and easier to zip as the day wears on.
-I think they even make disposable nipples for these, not sure though.

-Very expensive compared to powder (and even more so compared to breastmilk- stupid school schedule making me dry up.)
-Unless you want to carry around another bottle to empty some of it into before the feeding, you have to use it right away, no refrigerating leftovers. My son rarely eats 8 ounces at one feeding, so we waste 2-3 ounces per bottle.

Overall, I think that they are prohibitively expensive when it comes to everyday feedings, but the cost is worth the convenience for the occasional outing.

AshleaPort Clinton, OH

Great and Easy! Worth the Price!

When my daughter was born, the hospital provided the smaller versions for me to take home. I decided to breast feed and supplement with formula as well. My daughter loved the Similac Ready Right Now. It has also been really easy on her stomach. My husband and I will continue to feed her with this formula. Thank you Amazon for selling this product and AT A GREAT DEAL!!!
ArceliaGales Creek, OR

great for travel, do not contain BPA

First off, the bottles DO NOT contain BPA. The lids are coated in an epoxy that does, but there is another layer over that to help protect the BPA from getting to the formula. I actually called Similac’s parent company to verify this.

Yes they are expensive, but I get coupons all the time from Similac and use those to buy these bottles. They are wonderful for camping, fishing, or any other time sanitation may be an issue. All you have to do is attach your own nipple and ring. Much less to wash.

Though they are really not made to do it, you can punch out the center from the ring and put in a standard nipple. It seems like it will leak, but it doesn’t. Then you can just throw the whole thing away.

MissChesterfield, SC

Great for errands and travel!!

I always have a couple of these in my diaper bag! We bought the case for our recent vacation and they worked out so great! No washing bottles at the hotel or needing a refrigerator or cooler. I reccomend that you buy a 3 pack of those super cheap evenflo bottles just to use the nipple and ring. We bought a pack of these for $2.99 and use the rings/nipples everytime since our Avent ones don’t fit. Love these ready to feed bottles!!
TakakoNeotsu, OR

Almost as convenient as breasfeeding

These bottles are great because they completely eliminate the need to measure and mix formula, and you never have to wash another bottle. (I use them with disposable nipples). My baby likes them too; he actually seems to prefer the ready-to-feed Similac over the Similac I mixed myself. Bottles are also especially useful for travel. I’m serious when I say they are almost as convenient as breastfeeding. Extra time is always golden when you have small children, so if you need to bottle-feed, these are definitely worth the price!
ArchieWilcox, NE

Great product, but pricey on Amazon

This product is great to throw in the diaper bag for on the go feedings. I bought it from Amazon and then read the reviews it can be purchased cheaper at Target. It is $9.99 for a 6 pack at Target, so Amazon is cheaper by $4, plus you get the convenience of it shipping to your house. If you register on Similac’s website, they will send you $5 vouchers which can be used in store. With the $5 vouchers, each 6 pack $5, bringing the Target total to $20 instead of the Amazon’s $36. Also, I took the advice of another poster and bought the cheap Evenflo bottles to reuse the nipples ($3 for a 3 pack). Definitely a great suggestion as the disposables are $1 each.
MarchelleBozrah, CT

The baby loves this stuff.

My daughter loves this stuff. Convent to toss into the diaper bag and great for the earthquake kit. When I have this in stock (My wife goes through this stuff pretty quickly) we usually give this to our (now) 3 month old right before her nap or when she’s supposed to go to sleep. It’s a little thicker than the powder stuff so it fills her tummy pretty well. I have also noticed she doesn’t spit up that much when we use this stuff.
ShelaVaughn, WA

Ideal for traveling

Those bottles are ideal for traveling. Unlike the 2 oz bottles, they don’t come with a ring and nipple. However the same ring and nipple fits both bottles. Since my baby only likes silicon nipples, I use the Evenflo ring and nipple and they fit well.
If you’re not using the Similac nipple, avoid twisting the ring too tight, to allow some air to enter the bottle as baby is drinking, and you need to interrupt baby’s drinking every now and then to let air in the bottle. However if you’re using the original Similac ring and nipple, baby can drink non stop as the air enters the bottle regularly (Similac nipple has holes designed for that). Hope this helps!
LakeshaMorton, IL

Perfect for Traveling / Last nights

These bottles make night feeding and traveling super simple. Just toss a few bottles in the bag or put one by your bed at night, and pop a nipple on when you need it.
MerrieQuemado, NM

I love it

I’m a working mom who wants to keep breast feeding but couldn’t catch up with my baby’s growing appetite. She eats about 21 ounces per day. I give her about 15 ounces breast milk, the rest of it is formula. The powder formula must be finished within a month once the bottle is opened. This produce is convenient and the size is good for us. It’s like one bottle a day. It’s a little bit pricy but since my daughter mainly has breast milk, it’s still affordable.
LadawnGray Mountain, AZ

Great for supplementing

Our six month old is only using about 8 ounces of formula a day so the larger bottles are no good for us. The size of the 8oz bottle is perfect, can easily be used with a stand size nipple right on the bottle and is easy to transport. Our baby does much better on the ready-to-feed verses the powder, I think that is because the consistency is a bit thicker which settles in her stomach easier. Perfect if you are having to supplement in small amounts because of breastfeeding.
CleopatraDover, OK

Great for breastfeeding moms

I hate pumping and rarely get more than 3 ounces at a time. When I started working part time and going out on a date night again, we didn’t have quite enough breastmilk to last the day. This has been such a help. 8 oz portions are great for supplementing, as you use what you need all at once and don’t have so much waste (the larger ready to feed bottles need to be used in 48 hours, and the powder needs to be used in 1 month). These bottles are the perfect size for those sporadic uses/supplementation. Great for the diaper bag too now that baby is too distracted to breast feed outside of the house. Fits perfectly in the pocket of the diaper bag, and you can buy the nipples that just attach to the bottle.

Our son who was breastfeeding exclusively prior to using this has taken to the formula well and doesn’t seem to mind the taste. We use it to mix with his rice cereal and oatmeal too.

ReidAptos, CA

Emergency car kit must-have!!!

The Similac bottled formula is what you will find in my emergency car kit. I breastfeed at home and on the go but a situation arose that I was not able to nurse our son Henry. We were stuck in traffic and were nowhere near an exit. Thankfully this was in the ECK and I was able to open one up, place a disposable nipple and feed the hungry baby. The formula when sealed after the first use can be stored for a few hours in the refrigerator or cooler. This formula did not have an awkward foul odor or color. The option to be able to use inexpensive disposable nipples is wonderful.

To sum it up, this product does what it intends to do. Provide a sterile, simply, and convenient method of feeding baby on the go.

VerniaCross River, NY

A life saver for vacations

Go for it..!! Am sure many of you are using it and a review is actually unnecessary. Once on a vacation my baby didnt like the bottled water locally available, fortunately had these ready to go bottles and these ended up saving the day for me.
LibbyWillseyville, NY

Cheaper than buying in the stores

I started purchasing the instant formula’s through about two months ago versus buying it in the store. It is cheaper and easier buying through I am in the process of ordering more after I finish this review. Overall, the instant formula makes life easier than having to measure out the powdered formula.
CherilynPence Springs, WV

Love it!

I love the portability of this product. My daughter blessed me with a beautiful grandson in December 2011. She initially went the breast milk route, but found it to be difficult. Similac Advance early shield gives my precious gift everything he need as far as nutrition. My daughter lives out of town and we travel back and forth a lot. The ready to feed is just that, ready when you need it. The price is comparable to what is in the store. I order and it is practically there instantly (a day or 2 at the most)and it allows me to order and send directly to them. It’s my way of helping out and being of help when I am not there. Five Stars!
NorahPrinceton, IN

Similac to Go

Pros: Perfect for on-the-go, no need to warm it up. I always have 1-2 with me in case we are out longer than anticipated. Also have a 6-pack or two on hand at all times in case of water emergency and unable to make powdered formula.
Cons: The liquid is browner than it is when made with powder, so it stains clothing more easily. Also, this option produces more environmental waste.
YukValentine, TX

good fomula

My son take breast-feeding a lot. so 8 fl oz is perfect size to store once is great product for traving.
OraAshfield, PA

Very convenient for on the go feedings

These bottles are great if you are on the go and need a quick and easy bottle. We use them all the time when we are out and about.
AltheaCollege City, CA

Great for travel and middle of the night

I have a 5.5 month old and he likes this stuff almost just as much as breast milk. The premixed are incredibly convenient. Unfortunately individually packaged items are not going to be all that cheap.

Make sure you sign up for “Amazon Mom”, I’ve had about a year of free two day shipping which really makes ordering off amazon worth it.

AbbieIreton, IA