Similac Alimentum, Ready to Feed, 2 Fl Oz Bottle, 48 Bottles Expert Care Infant Formula – purple

While sensitivity to the protein in both milk-based and soy-based baby formulas is uncommon, it’s good to know there is a trusted alternative. If your baby’s digestive system is especially sensitive and requires an extra-gentle baby formula, ask your physician about Similac Expert Care Alimentum Hypoallergenic Formula.

Quick facts

  • – For children with severe food allergies, sensitivity to intact protein, protein maldigestion, or fat malabsorption
  • – Starts reducing colic symptoms due to protein sensitivity within 24 hours in most infants
  • – Hydrolyzed casein supplemented with free amino acids for infants who are sensitive to or unable to digest intact protein

Top reviews

Stinky milk

This milk is stinky.We got this milk after our pediatricians recommendation, cause our newborn was extremely gassy and would spit up a lot.
Our baby seems to like the milk but i am not sure if that’s because she’s hungry or she doesn’t know any better. Gassines and spit up were greatly reduced after use of this milk.
The baby is mostly breastfed and only supplemented with alimentum during the night, just one feeding.
She just turned 5 months old and we are still using the same milk.
For the price tag you would have thought it came with a better smell but no.
I am wondering what is the real reason under the high price. i doubt its the ingredients,cause once you start reading the label you kind of starting feeling guilty of what you are feeding your baby. Unfortunately mother nature did not fill up my boobies with enough milk for baby’s demand so i have to supplement with what i think its best for my baby.
I personally think that most babies are going to be fussy,gassy and lots of other things during the first 6 weeks of their lives and most parents will try anything to comfort them, including buying this highly priced formula.
I wish that the ready to feed formula came in other sizes too, and lasted longer when opened than just one hour.
i would rate this with five stars only if it was a little cheaper.
OuidaGarden City, MN

So useful!

My daughter has the easiest time with this formula so despite it being pricier, I’ve decided to stick with it. Every order I’ve received from this seller has come quickly and in great condition. The fact that each container is 2oz is perfect for night feedings since I don’t have to warm up anything and can add 2oz at a time depending on how hungry she is. It’s great for us!
BetsyVining, MN

Perfect for my baby

My baby loves this formula, and the package of 2 onz is good for traveling, going to the mall or even the movies, great product!
PearlyNew York Mills, MN


It’s the best! Our son Alex (2 months old) loves this formula and I have already ordered about 4 to 6 cases of this.
DewayneNoble, MO

not the same milk

i bought this for my son so it would be convenient when we went somewhere. The milk is not the same as the regular allementum. different texture and lighter. my son threw it up. and i wasted 80 dollars
VeolaGwynneville, IN