Similac Sensitive Baby Formula – Powder – 1.41 lb

Similac Sensitive Powder Similac Sensitive is specially designed for fussiness and gas due to lactose sensitivity.* Complete Nutrition for Sensitive Tummies, featuring OptiGRO(TM), an exclusive blend of brain & eye nourishing nutrients for baby’s development. (*Not for infants or children with galactosemia) Recommended Age: Newborn to 12 months Features: Complete Nutrition for Sensitive Tummies For fussiness and gas due to lactose sensitivity Easy to digest, milk-based, reduced-lactose formula* (*Typical Value 0.1g/100 kcal compared to Similac Advance, 11g/100 kcal) Features OptiGRO, an exclusive blend of important ingredients found in breast milk: DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E Generations of moms have put their trust in Similac

Quick facts

  • Similac sensitive infant formula 1.41 lb
  • with iron for birth to 12 months milk based DHA/ARA
  • for fussiness and gas due to lactose sensitivity

Top reviews

Beetle Part Recall

We gave this to our one month old son until yesterday, and then found out that the formula we have been giving him since birth was recalled. He wasn’t doing too well on it. I can’t imagine how quality control failed such a major corporation in baby formula. We switched to the Target brand, and surprisingly (or maybe not), our baby is doing much better now. We will never trust or go back to the Similac brand (any type).
TanishaBattle Creek, IA

Long time trusted name

Similac has been around for a long time & is still a trusted company in my opinion. I was feeding my daughter the formula when the recall hit in mid 2010. I had 3 large containers that were part of the recall. Yes, Similac had a slip in their quality, hence the recall. BUT, they handled it with ease & it was very swift & easy to return my 3 containers for a full refund. They actually gave me quite a bit more money with the check than I actually paid for them in the first place. They also sent some very generous coupons for future formula purchases.

I acknowledge & they have acknowledged a mistake was made & we are both moving on. I continue to use this product & my 5 month old is very happy on it. 🙂

JillianColorado Springs, CO

My little one was even more fussy and spit up a lot!

We started our infant on Gentlease since we had a sample-in addition to breastfeeding. He seemed ok on it aside from a lot of spit up. We then went to Emfamil Newborn thinking maybe the thicker formula would work better for spit up. It did, no intense spit up but he got constipated off the bat. So, going through Costco I found Similac Sensitive for Gas and Fussiness and found this to be similar to Gentlease. Costco has it available in bulk and we couldn’t beat the price!

Immediately we noticed our newborn getting bad bouts of fussiness after feedings. It was horrible! He had normal bowel movements but the thin, frequent spit up was back. With such a huge container, we thought we would have to wait it out and add it to another formula until it was out. Thank god Costco has a really good return policy, we gave it almost a week and that container was returned right back to the store and we got Costco’s formula + gas drops in his bottles and have had no problems.

I didn’t like Gentlease for the spit up issues and he feeds more frequently on such a thin formula, but I’d much prefer Gentlease over this stuff.

DannyDecker, MI

Works for my sons fussiness!

I was using early shield at first and he was just getting way to gassy and fussy so I switched to this formula and I am very pleased with the outcome. I found out if you search right you can find them cheaper on Ebay.
RomeliaRunning Springs, CA

Thank god for this formula!

Happy baby = Happy Mommy.

After having breastfeeding problems with my little guy right from the start, we started supplementing with formula. I used the free samples of Enfamil Newborn that I had received. It worked for a couple weeks until I noticed a real problem with fussiness and gas. He was crying most of the time while up and I couldn’t put him down, always wanted to be rocked. So I switched to the GentleEase, which seemed to make no difference other than he was now gassy in his sleep. Next…tryed Gerber Good Start…even worse. He started having Colic screaming fits, so back to the Enfamil I went, and along came constipation! Started getting balls of poop!

Note: Baby is 6 weeks old. No spitting up, just extreme fussiness and gassy symptoms that the gas drops or gripe water had no effect on. I changed bottles several times also, finally found the drop-in system worked the best. Irritable Baby = Cranky Mommy

Dr. recommended Similac Sensitive for lactose problems and gave me some samples. I have no history in my family of lactose intolerance, but I have a sensitive tummy myself. I noticed a significant change in his behavior after about 3 bottles. He is now finishing his bottles, feeling full and happy in between. I can finally put him in his bouncy chair or lay him down to play with out immediate screaming fits. And now come the smiles 🙂 Poor guy was just really upset cuz his tummy was upset.

The ready made formula seems a little thicker and smells different, and so does the concentrated stuff. This powder is lighter in color and texture when mixed. Doesn’t seem to matter to my little guy though. Dissolves better than other powders I have used, less clumps.

The only reason this didn’t get 5 stars…The Powder makes a VERY FOAMY mixture. Make the entire days worth of formula so the bubbles have a chance to settle. My first bottle made him very gassy still…defeats the purpose right?

Hint: Mix with warm water to minimize foam/bubbles…stir with a fork or spoon instead of shaking to mix. Or make a whole batch and let it sit, gently swirl to mix up before making a bottle. If immediate bottle is needed, add 1-2 DROPS of Mycalon (or similar) gas drops and it takes the bubbles out instantly. (I’m not a dr. so I don’t recommend this to babies with health problems and such).

So far, Target has been the cheapest price I have found for this product. 🙂

MauricioStarksboro, VT

This formula was the magic key!

We started our daughter out on Good Start as a newborn and around 3 weeks she started crying all of the time. So we took her to the pediatrician and he said to try Similac Sensitive. It’s really easy on the tummies. He also said to try phasing her out of it around 4 months when her digestive system is a little more stable. The similac has been a life saver! She was such a happy baby afterwards. We did try switching her to a generic brand at 4 months because of the money savings, but the same problems started immediately. We asked her pediatrician about it and he said she was probably lactose sensitive and Similac Sensitive is lactose free. We tried a few different lactose free generic brands (still trying to save money), but they made her constipated which made her fussy and uncomfortable again. I had a box of similac that was recalled. The month in-between the recall and them getting back out on the shelves was a long one for us and our daughter. So, although I have hated paying the higher costs, I am appreciative that they made a product that allows my daughter to be healthy and comfortable.
DaliaSanford, NC

less bowel movement

I am breatfeeding, and use formula when breastfeeding is not enough. We used Similac advanced first. The baby took it good first, then got fussy and we can hear her swallowing when she was not eating. she had a little spit up too. The doctor said it was probably reflux. So we switched to Similac Sensitive which is lactose free. We are all happy with it until after about a month, her bowel movement significantly reduced. She used to poop 4 or more times a day. Now she poops every 5 to 7 days. We are worried, but she does not have fever, eats good, sleeps good, and the poop still looks normal, although smells really bad. And she is sweet most of the time. I am feeding her water as doctor suggested. But I am wondering if I shall try something else again.
EarleanNew Middletown, OH

Great product…

Keep in mind this is for infants with sensitivity to lactose. Works great for our little man who now almost 1 in march of this year.

However, DONT BE DUMB, WALMART SELLS THESE FOR 21 bucks for these same 1.45 lb containers. you can even get them direct from Similac for less than these ripoffs. Hell I could buy from Walmart and resell at 30 a shot and make money too I guess…

JennellBancroft, WV

great service

My order was processed very fast and I received my product in a very timely manner. My product’s packaging was easy to read and packaged very well.
JeffreyProtivin, IA