Simpli OatShake Chocolate, 8.45 oz, case of 10

A delicious nondairy, vegan, low-gluten shake made from Scandinavian oats and pure chocolate. Great for a midday pick-me-up snack that keeps you feeling satisfied and focused throughout your day.

Quick facts

  • THE BEST SELLING SIMPLI-PRODUCT: Indulge in chocolate, without the dairy
  • All natural, nondairy, vegan, low gluten, zero trans fat. GMO-free, vitamin D, no cholesterol
  • Made from whole grain Scandinavian oats and pure rich chocolate
  • No artificial colors or flavors. Sugar is unbleached, GMO-free beet sugar
  • Solves the healthy snack dilemma; fibre in oats helps keep hunger on hold.

Top reviews

Love Simpli OatShakes!

Simpli Oakshakes are simply delicious, healthy and a perfect addition to my smoothies or alone as an in-between meal snack. I had surgery that left me unable to eat solid foods, so I drink smoothies and soup for all my meals, and I need to get creative. I needed a healthy alternative for a snack in between the bigger calorie smoothies, or to add into a smoothie for extra healthy calories – this is it! It’s smooth, tastes wonderfully chocolate, and because it’s made with oats, fills me up more than just plain almond or rice milk. So happy to have found this product! And they always include a handwritten thank you note and a couple of samples of their other products with each order – I love this company! And now can’t wait to try their coffee flavored oatshake.
TaylorFrench Gulch, CA

My family loves it

Smooth, creamy, chocolaty and dairy free. We have to buy dairy free in my family do to dairy allergies. We haven’t been able to tolerate most chocolate food items because of the dairy. This has been the first chocolate food item that has not hurt our stomach or intestines.
Here are the ingredients: Water, oat fibers, sugar, cocoa powder, rapeseed oil, tricalcium phosphate, carageenan, gellan gum, salt, Vitamin D.
The taste is sweet and creamy. Way better than chocolate milk in my opinion.
A little expensive, but I’m getting used to having to pay for the out-of-the-ordinary items I have to buy for an allergenic family.
CharitaPortis, KS


We got a sample of this at the L.A.T.E. ride in Chicago. I grabbed one just because it said dairy-free and I have a young son with multiple allergies including dairy. Nobody was grabbing these because well it was the middle of a long ride and chocolate milk just isn’t the first thing you think to quench your thirst. When I read through the label and saw my son may be able to have it, I decided to taste it to see if it was any good. I LOVED it, I let everyone in our group taste it and they said it was good and they definitely finished it off because whatever crappy gatorade type drink they had there was nasty. My son usually has to drink rice or coconut milk… And he’s tried them all and we get his favorite but he just tolerates it with cereal, he would never just drink it alone. The sample (one 8.45 oz) that I brought him he liked! He’s 3.5 and you have to remember he has never had milk before and he drank about half of it, little by little… It is sweet and creamy and has no oat grits like I was expecting it to have which is good for him. It has a thicker consistency than milk or regular nesquick but it’s great. We all liked it so much I just spent $51 on 18 25.50oz. containers of it! It’s expensive but I’ve had to spend $4.99 for RiceDream before because that’s how much they wanted at Meijer that particular week, so for under $3 each I’ll take the yummy chocolate oat shake.
KimberTohatchi, NM