Simply Asia Sesame Teriyaki Noodle Bowl, 8.5-Ounces

Experiencing the vibrant, delicious flavors of asia has never been easier. Our restaurant-quality noodle bowls are made with premium tender- cooked noodles, flavorful signature sauces, vegetables & crunchy toppings. At home or On-The-Go, our noodle bowls will satisfy your asian cravings in minutes. Simply asia is real asian. Real fast. Each bowl includes: tender-cooked asian noodles, simply asia signature sauce, vegetable packet, toasted sesame seed topping, fork.

Quick facts

  • Premium natural
  • Microwave heat And serve
  • ready in 3 minutes
  • Vegan
  • Simply Asian uses the highest grade wheat or rice flour and all-natural ingredients available

Top reviews

Barely edible and way overpriced

I wanted to try this as an alternative to the typical ramen cup or bowl of noodles and was expecting a premium alternative looking at the price. I tried it and was not impressed at all. It’s basically instead of a dry noodle product partially hydrated and instead of a powered sauce, the sauce is already hydrated. So it’s a dry ramen type product at three times the price because it has most of the water in it still (I paid $3.00 for one bowl). I was expecting some meat or veggies in it like the hormel entrees do, but all this had was a few dehydrated veggies and spices and a small bag of seeds to sprinkle on. Not worth the expense to me, and it also did not taste very great to me. 1 star, overpriced for the taste.
LeonardoTripler Army Medical Ctr, HI

Don’t hesitate to buy this product!

I’ve been buying the various Simply Asia products at my local Dollar General Store at a really cheap price and I’m certainly pleased with the product(s). This particular one happens to be my favorite but they’re all very good.

I’m a scratch cook, preparing supper for my wife and myself every day, (I’m retired, she still works full-time), so I don’t usually buy many microwave food products. However, I have fatigued of eating leftovers for lunch every day and these products have turned out to be the perfect solution. I like them much better than frozen dinners in terms of flavor and convenience. I’ve also found them much more savory than similar and comparable microwave dishes.

For me, the bottom line is flavor and, secondarily, heartiness — I don’t want to be hungry again fifteen minutes after eating lunch. This dish goes into the microwave following a minimum of preparation fuss (all you need is a little water — everything else is included) and is finished from beginning to end in just minutes. I cannot say enough about the good flavor, and the portion size is fully adequate for me which is a rare occurrence in my past experience with such products since I weigh 265 pounds.

If you have any specific concerns about nutrition or ingredients, you can check those issues on the product description; however, I did wish to let others know how convenient and how tasty these Simply Asia products really are.

Highly recommended!

KimberGrandfalls, TX

Simply yummy

I love these noodle bowls. They only take 2 minutes to heat, and come with their own fork. I love them for meals on the go, to take to work and for a quick lunch or dinner. The quality and the taste is excellent. I love all the Simply Asia Noodle Bowls. Best of all each bowl is one serving. I hate the kind that you find out are considered two servings once you’ve already eaten it!
SonjaDayville, CT

Suprisingly tasty and good

Stumbled on this in Walgreens while rushing to work.
Decided to give it a shot.

I was suprised-tasty and good quality. Included fork, sturdy plastic bowl.

If you are looking for a quickly prepared lunch while at work-you cannot go wrong with this.

This can not be compared to ramen noodles-totally different class of product here.

LucieJerseyville, IL

Mediocre but convenient

I haven’t eaten a store-bought frozen or shelf-stable Asian meal in several years because I’ve always found the quality and taste to be sub-par. However, I thought that maybe the quality had improved over the past few years, and based on the generally-favorable reviews on Amazon, I decided to try the Simply Asia Sesame Teriyaki Noodle Bowl. I bought one on sale for about $2 at a local store. The package consists of a bag of noodles (fresh, not dried), a packet of dehydrated vegetables, a sauce packet, and a topping packet (as well as a bowl, lid, and spoon).

The noodles came formed into a solid mass – I suggest crumbling them apart. The dried veggie packet was tiny – smaller than the seasoning packet found in a bag of ramen noodles. I’m not sure why the ambiguous term “topping” was used, when the topping packet appeared to contain nothing more than ordinary sesame seeds – maybe they’re imitation seeds? At any rate, preparing the noodle bowl was quick and easy – dump the noodles, veggies, and sauce in the bowl, add a few spoonfuls of water, put on the lid, microwave for about a minute, stir, and sprinkle on the topping. The noodles had a good texture, and the overall impression was of warmed-up leftover takeout food (which I personally like, so don’t take that as a negative).

Portion-wise, I would say the bowl is adequate as a main dish, but I probably wouldn’t be fully satisfied without an additional side dish like an egg roll, a cup of soup, or a small salad. The bowl is only about half-full when prepared. The package suggests supplementing the dish with cooked meat, tofu, veggies, or garnishes, so you can always toss a few leftovers into the bowl to bulk up the meal.

The problem I had with this dish was the sauce. It was too strong (both in sweetness and saltiness) and there was too much of it. I would not have been able to eat it at all, had I not added about half a cup of leftover white rice to the bowl. Doing so thinned out the sauce and made it eatable, but even so I only managed to finish half the bowl. I personally would not purchase this product again, but if you like lots of strong, heavy sauce, you would probably enjoy this dish.

AdaAntioch, CA

Took a bite and dumped it…

Normally I don’t take the time to review food products I buy but this product was ABSOLUTELY GROSS. The noodles tasted mushy and overcooked and the sauce and toppings were abysmal. Maybe I have higher standards for asian food but the sauce is overwhelmingly and sickenly sweet (and thats just adding a little over half of the bic packet they give you), the sesame seeds had no flavor, and the “vegetable toppings” consisted of a tiny packet of bits of dried carrots and green onion. Sesame teriyaki? Not even close. Even dried ramen noodles taste better in my opinion (if only because they are deep fried). If you REALLY want to buy it and try I’d suggest going to publix or kroger and sampling one before you shell out the money for 6.
JeanelleCassville, GA

Teriyaki nom nom

One of my two favorite Simply Asia dishes. Probably not the healthiest meal but good for quick on the go.
RoxanneGreen Village, NJ

Subscription for Simply Asia Noodle Bowl, Sesame Teriyaki.

I love this item! I have health issues and this is one of very few things I can eat, which is great because it tastes great, never gets old and is a perfect size without being too much. The pricing beats any brick-&-mortar store I could find, not to mention I don’t have to spend (which is ever increasing in price) gas to get it, and it seems to be always available as opposed to the grocery stores’ inventory. And above all it arrives as regular as I want with the option to change or stop anytime I want!
EddyGalivants Ferry, SC

Favorite to go item

I love these noodles and often stock up when they are on sale. They are much better in taste than some of the other Simply Asia noodles. I feel like they are a hearty enough meal and is super easy to prepare, spoon is included inside. Great when you add a little Sriracha to it for the perfect kick or leftover chicken from the day before =).
BereniceFlagtown, NJ

Needs more Sauce

Love the taste. Just the right amount of food. Noodles get gummy in the microwave. Main issue is there needs to be a lot more sauce. The noodles are gummy because they are dry. Again, needs more sauce.
KandaceGamaliel, KY