Simply Asia Spicy Kung Pao Noodle Bowl, 8.5-Ounces

Experiencing the vibrant, delicious flavors of asia has never been easier. Our restaurant-quality noodle bowls are made with premium tender- cooked noodles, flavorful signature sauces, vegetables & crunchy toppings. At home or On-The-Go, our noodle bowls will satisfy your asian cravings in minutes. Simply asia is real asian. Real fast. Each bowl includes: tender-cooked asian noodles, simply asia signature sauce, vegetable packet, toasted sesame seed topping, fork.

Quick facts

  • Premium natural
  • Microwave heat and serve
  • ready in 3 minutes
  • Vegan
  • Simply Asian uses the highest grade wheat or rice flour and all-natural ingredients available

Top reviews

authentic astronaut kung pao lab gunk

This product is EXTREMELY salty and sweet with an after taste of preservative chemicals. The peanuts taste like what i imagine astronaut food tastes like… completely stale and awful. I just ate 1/4 of a bowl and had to throw it out. Everyone in my work area is complaining about the stench… one of them happens to be a Korean girl. Run far far far away … simple ramen noodles or even cup of noodles is 999% better than this laboratory experiment of a food.

To the people saying this tastes authentic… HUH? Not sure what your definition of authentic is but this stuff hardly tastes like food.

SherrilNorth Yarmouth, ME

Reformulated and now nasty.

This used to be my favorite lunch but recently Simply Asia reformulated this into an entirely different product. The old product has a slightly sweet and spicy peanut sauce and a peanut topping. The new product has a spicy chili-based sauce (and no peanuts.)
Hopefully the new version will not sell and they will move back to the old. Bad call on the part of Simply Asia.
YulandaPacifica, CA

** Pure Garbage **

This stuff is absolutely HORRIBLE. Do the board members of these companies actually taste the garbage they sell?

Pure garbage.

CoreneFort Hill, PA

convenient, tasty, authentic

I just tried the spicy kung pao noodle bowl and found it very tasty and authentic. The packaging made it very convenient and easy to prepare, and I could easily eat it at my desk while working with no mess. I highly recommend it!
AmaliaWaterloo, NE

Wonderful. Easy. Tasty. Vegan. Even has a little fork.

One of the best things about this product is that it does not require refrigeration. It is quite simple to prepare in a microwave and is very enjoyable. It doesn’t take long at all. Just make sure not to use too much water or you’ll dilute the flavor from the sauce. I don’t do an exact measurement. I turn on the faucet and let a bit get on the bottom. It doesn’t need a whole lot. This may require some experimentation for each person. This is my favorite boxed meal. * I put the noodles in before the water. Just let the water get around the noodles, not on them. – As for those with peanut allergies, I don’t know if there are peanuts somehow in the sauce or anything, but there is a package of peanuts that comes with this that you can use or not. I prefer it without the peanuts.
EffieRudolph, WI

Pasty, nasty, don’t bother

These noodles replaced another, excellent brand on our grocery shelves. (Annie Chun, fyi.) Both brands make similar flavors–Kung Pao, Sesame, Peanut, etc.

These noodles have a pastiness that is unpleasant and no really good flavor. I like this variety of convenient pre-boiled noodles for a quick lunch at work; they are easy to make up in the microwave and come in a bowl of their own (though I put mine into a ceramic bowl as I don’t like eating out of plastic if I can help it.) Sometimes I am too busy to go out for lunch and hot noodles are very pleasant. But these are NOT pleasant. No, indeed.

These are dominating our grocery shelves but they don’t deserve to be there. Bad taste and texture. Just bad. Don’t bother.

LavetaClarksdale, MS

Maybe the best instant meal for your $3.50

I’m amazed that the average reviews for these are so low. I started buying these freshmen year for quick, on-the-go, several times a week meals, and it has been two years but I still eat them occasionally. Yes, the sodium is absurdly high, and they aren’t super high quality cuisine, but they take 3 minutes to make, include some sort of vegetable matter (?), are vegan/vegetarian, and are super cheap.

Give these a try, and you won’t want to make Ramen again anytime soon.

ToniaWallace, SC

Time to Try it Again?

I purchased a package of the Spicy Kung Pao Noodle Bowl in August of 2012. The label says, “new & improved.”

So… for those of you who didn’t like it the first time around, it may be worth another try.

Two things to note:

Calories per bowl = 460
Sodium per bowl = 1350mg (56% of daily recommended amount)

I like these noodle bowls but do not eat them often due to the sodium content. A bit too high for one food item.

LanetteDriscoll, ND

AWFUL! Slimey and smells like melted plastic…

Wow. I was really excited to try these; unfortunately, after struggling through about six bites, I had to throw it away. Immediately out of the microwave, the bowl reeked of melted plastic. At first, I thought I had melted the bowl, but after inspecting it and attempting several bites, I discovered it was the scent of the noodles and broth. The noodles were super fine, which I like; however, I couldn’t get past the super slimey feel. They almost seemed like they had a glue-like consistency. I only cooked for two of the recommended 2-3 minutes. I don’t know if you get different results with the boil and pour method, but I disliked them so much I’m not willing to give that a try.
ZoraBuckholts, TX