Simply Natural Premium Chicken Jerky for Dogs, 6-Ounce

An all natural dog treat made from 100-percent American Chicken. These treats are made from USA ingredients and produced right here in the USA.

Quick facts

  • A high protein and low fat treat with a single ingredient
  • Grain free and protein based
  • Made in the US with US Chicken

Top reviews


See all the negative reviews for this product for the 12 oz. size. Amazon has kindly agreed to suspend sales of the product as the problems are too numerous. The items are arriving with disgusting green mold all over the treats. Despite repeated promises by the manufacturer that they have repaired the “manufacturing glitch” no positive action has been taken. Also people are reporting trouble getting reimbursement from the manufacturer for items they return (which the manufacturer will not pay for the return shipping). I wish I could attach photos as you would never believe how truly disgusting is the condition of these treats. These pose a health risk to your dog and I STRONGLY urge you not to buy.
TemikaCopalis Crossing, WA