Slim Tea, Original, Tea Bags, 24-Count Box

100% Natural. Special blend, slims & calms. Balanced diet plan included. 99.9 % Caffeine free. The Original Slim Tea blend of 100% natural rare species of Chinese Oolong tea has been reknowned for its slimming and calming benefits for 1,500 years. Legend has it that early Chinese emperors and monks trained monkeys to pick the superior tea leaves for this special blend from tea trees on the edge of cliffs, high in the mountains of southern China and Taiwan. Today, this special blends, handed down from dynasty to dynasty, is still made with the same special hand-picked tea leaves. These tea leaves, having just reached their peak, are withered, rolled, oxidized and then benefits of every cup of Original Slim Tea. Original Slim Tea’s essential oils can help increase the metabolism of the body by improving digestion and allowing the body to relax after meals and before bedtime, and in times of stress. Slim Tea also aids digestion by assisting peristaltic action of the intestinal tract when enjoyed after a heavy protein meal. Slim Tea, with the enclosed balanced diet plan, is the natural alternative to uncomfortable low calorie, low carbohydrate and other confusing and difficult to maintain diet programs. Drink delicious slimming, calming Slim Tea after meals, before bedtime or anytime, hot or iced and see the results! Enjoy, relax, and lose weight.Slim Tea is made only from rare hand-picked Chinese tea leaves. Slim Tea is the original weight loss tea and has a unique, delicious flavor and rich golden color. Slim Tea, when enjoyed after meals, counteracts the effect of fats by emulsifying them in the digestive tract and hastens digestion. Slim Tea offers a light, satisfying taste in hot or iced tea and provides slimming and calming benefits that may be enjoyed every day and evening and in times of stress. Slim Tea contains no sugar, laxatives, chemicals or artificial ingredients and is 99.9% caffeine free.

Quick facts

  • Rare tea leaves whose essential oils can help improves metabolism by binding fate and aiding digestion of your food.
  • 99.9% Caffeine Free
  • Slims and calms tensed nerves
  • Successfully sold since 1984
  • Each box contains a 7 day menu plan which provides healthy alternatives for weight conscious adults

Top reviews

E L I X I R…..O F…..L I F E….? ? ? ? ( Yet …One….More….Testamonial …! )

I have tried to lose weight for a long, l o n g, time. Also for a long, l o n g time, I have seen newpaper advertizements for this tea. It seemed ridiculous to me at first…. I mean, lose weight by DRINKING TEA? This idea had just about as much credibility to me as some of those sauna belts, (which can help you lose weight for a full 24 hours….after which time it comes back again!)

Well, last year I was getting pretty desperate. I had somehow managed to lose 40 pounds….by drinking only regular tea, instant coffee, and home-made lemonade, and eating only Bird’s Eye Vegetables and turkey. (In fact, I have invented the “Turkey Diet”! It’s very simple: Eat Turkey, Fall Asleep (from the tryptophan!)…..and if you fall asleep, you can’t eat, you see. A variation, I guess, on the “Hollywood Diet”, which can be used only on weekends….because most people need to stay awake during the week to go to work!) Anyway, this diet worked for me….but it was pretty boring….took most of my free time away, and….turkey is expernsive! I gradually stopped this diet, and gradually got back 20 of those 40 pounds. I looked desperately for another way to lose weight….but drinking tea to do it just didn’t logical….

However, no other method presented itself that was as inexpensive as drinking tea….and after all that expensive (but delicious!), turkey, it seemd a good way to go. Now, this particular tea itself IS quite expensive — $43 for 4 ounces, (on sale….ouch!)….but the 4 ounces of lose tea would make at least 60 6 ounce cups, (360 ounces…and I’d of course be adding my own water and sweetener)….so I figured, why not? (Well…because of the possible bad taste, that’s why not. I’ve tried herbal teas in the past, and — with the delicious exception of Jasmine Tea — thoroughly disliked each one.) But even so, I decided to risk it…I’ve tasted far worse things than herbal tea, after all….

So, about a year ago, I sent away for it.

When the Wu-Long tea arrived, (in a lovely little transparent green plastic bag, lined with aluminum foil, giving the impression of a crushed green diamond), I made it and drank it. Hmmm, (or rather, “Mmmm!”) Not bad tasting at all! It tasted like the best black tea…the kind, (other than Jasmine), that I like the best. But,,,,as the tea was SO expensive, I decided not to drink it too often….

As the owner of a “healthy refrigerator”, (one LOADED with vitamins, which I take only in emergencies, because I can’t afford to keep buying them), I now had this “healthy tea”, which I put in the refrigerator to keep it fresh), to sort of keep the vitamins company! I did throughly read the literature that came with the tea, however….and noticed that many people had praised the MEDICINAL qualities of this tea, along with it’s weight-loss abilities. Hmmm…. I decided that I had happily gotten more than I bargained for….a weight-loss tea AND one which helpoed with other health problems. Nice to get such a bargain — but, at $43 for 4 ounces of lose tea, it was still quite expensive. And so, after that first cup, I restrained myself from drinking it, for quite some time…..

Actually, I didn’t drink another cup until about two weeks ago! I was beginning to feel as if the minor cut I had gotten the week before had somehow let an infection in, (though the cut itself didn’t look infected.)

Anyway, I was beginning to feel very, Very, VERY w….e….a…k….. Two years ago, in fact, I was hospitalized with an infection….the very same infection that killed my mother the month before! My mother, in the hospital, had said that she “felt like a vegetable”, and, having gotten the same infection, I knew how accurate that description really was: I was SO weak, then, in fact, I had had trouble raising my arms above my head! And now I felt it was starting to happen again! My first thought was to call 911. But my second thought was, strangely, concentrated on those glowing testimonials I had read from other customers who had used Wu-Long tea. I figured I’d try to make myself a cup….if the tea didn’t work, I could always call 911…. After all, though I felt very weak, I didn’t feel totally paralzyed….yet, anyway. But I knew I had to make and drink that tea fast…..before total weakness engulfed me. Did I feel up to doing so? Yes….I F…took my time, I F…I was very careful, and…I F.. I stayed very near the telephone as I made the tea….just in case….

I managed to make myself the cup of tea….to wait for it to cool down a bit….and to drink it. Within an hour, the feeling of weakness had left me! And, as of this writing….taking place a full two weeks later….the weakness, (and presumably the infection), have not come back!


Now, I’m not saying this tea will work miracles for everyone, and in every circumstance. The tea did NOT transform my looks to those of Princess Grace, (whom I consider the most beautiful woman of all time), and have NOT cured me of a very slight case of Myasthenia Gravis…a neuro-muscular ailment which I have had since the age of four. I DOUBT very much that it has made me immortal, and I know for a fact that it has NOT granted me super-powers, or the ability to fly, or to transcend time.

(No one has ever accused me of not having a good imagination! : ) HOWEVER, UPON DRINKING THAT TEA, MY FEELINGS OF INFECTION, (a feeling of weakness quite different from that of Myasthenia Gravis), DID GO AWAY! I don’t remember what the other testimonals for this tea were….but I’m sure, now, that at least 98% of them are true!

Perhaps there is no real “fountain of youth”. But this tea…which seems to cure many ailments, and most probably helps one lose weight as well, if taken often enough, seems a very close second. Ponce de Leon would have been happy with it, I’m sure. I don’t know if it will help everyone…but I do know it helped me, (and probably the other people who gave testimonials, too.) And that second cup of tea — even the whole 4 ounces of lose tea — are certainly less expensive than going to the hospital! For those on a budget, like me, Wu-Long tea is, it seems, destined to be used as a luxury, and/or in an emergency. But I really feel it belongs in every home…..just like aspirin does. And — for emergency use…PLEASE take the same precautions I did: 1) Be sure you do have the energy to actually make and drink the tea, and 2) Be near a telephone, so you can call 911, in case the tea doesn’t work for you.

The tea did work for me, in the above circumstance, anyway. An elixir of life? Perhaps and perhaps not, depending on the person and the circumstances. All I know is, that for me, and under the circumstances described above, it certainly seems to have saved mine!

ForestRufe, OK

It Works

Most diet teas always make my stomach hurt and I spend the whole night throwing up & having diarrhea, but this tea doesn’t do that. I recommend to drink one cup of this tea every other day. It takes anywhere from 30 mins to 4 hours for it to work. Never drink a cup right before going to work.
SusanMinturn, CO

Great Taste, very satisfying

Drinking this tea on a regular basis, up to five cups a day, will help you curb your appetite, making you eat less and not feel hungry as often. You just have to make sure you drink it that regurally to assist in any weight loss. The taste is wonderful!
VallieCatron, MO

Great tea!

I love this tea. It has a mellow smooth flavor and definitely better tasting than the average supermarket tea. I like the way it makes me feel good almost instantly. It does rev up your metabolism even though it is caffeine free…you can feel the difference! If you have searched the Net, you will know that Amazon has the best bargain for this tea.
OlgaCarver, MN

Kinda pricey …

As for aiding in the slimming process? Nope, not a bit. It does have a nice hint of lemon, very light. The tea bags are connected, so one must use caution in separating them, otherwise the bags tear apart. For a nice cup of tea, Slim Tea is okay. For weight loss, not so much, in my opinion.
LakeishaWallula, WA

Slim Tea drinker, ordered with Amazon subscribe and save orders

I’ve been drinking Slim Tea for many years because I like the taste and because it is decaffeinated. I’m not sure if it makes one slim but it doesn’t add weight. A healthy diet plan is included in each box.
LeilaniWinfield, IA

Slim tea

I have not been drinking as much as the box suggest but it tasted good to me. One interesting fact: after been drinking it for few weeks now I’ve noticed some funny aftertaste. Not every time even but you feel kinda like you’ve smoked a cigarette. And I’m not a smoker so how would I know. Probably from being a second hand smoker:) Anyway I’ve yet to tell you if id did what it advertised to do.
KerryDorchester, NJ

i am going to maybe send back ASAP.

LIES,LIES it comes with DIET plan and eat very little,DOES NOT WORK..try working out and eating healthy is all.

stupid fake ppl.

they sell this at asian stores for oblong tea under $5 so is rip off AMAZON.

KeishaIliamna, AK