Smart Puffs Real Wisconsin Cheddar, 4.5 Ounce

No need for a cheat sheet, the formula is simple. Smart Puffs is made from the finest milled American corn and tastiest Wisconsin Cheddar. Pirate Brands has been creating deliciously baked snack treasures since 1987. Pirate Brands was founded on the belief that you shouldn’t have to “snackrifice” taste and fun for products made with goodness. Pirate’s Booty, Smart Puffs and Original Tings, which we refer to as Pirate Brands’ “snack products,” are free from fryers and ingredients you can’t pronounce . . . Arrr!

Quick facts

  • Baked cheese puffs made from American corn and the tastiest Wisconsin cheddar
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or ingredients
  • Gluten free and 0g trans fat per serving
  • A great tasting, healthy snack option for the whole family
  • Get the whole snacking goodness without the guilt

Top reviews

Just because it’s not Orange doesn’t make it healthy.

I bought these because my daughter wanted something for a school snack, had tried these in the cafeteria and said that they “weren’t bad”. Unfortunately, she had changed her mind by the time the gigantic box arrived on the doorstep. My huband and I tried them, and I feel like giving a stern punishment to the maker of these things. Besides having no discernable nutritional content, these things have too much salt, too much fake “cheez” powder, and no way to remove it gracefully after you’e eaten a few puffs. We don’t like them, and I feel terrible dumping them on the food pantry. Perhaps I’ll hide them in a large donation of healthier items.
AngelenaIuka, KS

Not Good

These are like eating cardboard I am sorry to be negative but they are not as good not even as the reviews have said.Wasted my money by believing in the reviews.
HanneloreMasontown, PA

A sensible, smart snack

This is a great tasting snack with only 130 calories and 6 grams of fat in each 1 serving bag (2 cups). Kids love them and have no idea they are oven baked and all natural. It’s a snack you can feel good about.
DessieCastlewood, SD

Healthy,tasty, cheeze puffs

Its almost the same in taste as Cheetos except without the artifical coloring (these are light yellow, not orange).If you like Cheetos (puffs)you will like these and the ingredients are top notch.Not 5 stars because of the carbs;17g per serving.Otherwise ,very healthy snack and the price is fair enough though on the high end.
EustoliaSouth Haven, MN

What do you mean, not five stars because of the carbs?

These are very tasty for all the reasons the below reviewer cited – a lot like cheetoes, but without artificial additives. I don’t know why you’d cite carbs as a reason to take off a star – you sort of, you know, need them to live.
TommyNorth Brunswick, NJ

It pisses me off seeing pirates booty coming up as a VEGAN item when its obviously not.
The seller needs to learn to label/tag their products correctly.
RaisaSonora, TX

Not really impressed…

I’ve bought these in the grocery store before, but apparently I’d forgotten how bland they are. There are better things like this out there, and cheaper too, so I will not buy these again.
ExieRochester, TX

Kind of like an all natural Cheetos Puff

While I wouldn’t call this a health food they are healthier than most snack foods so I don’t worry as much when my kids eat a bag of these.

The taste is a bit more mild than Cheetos so if you are hooked on cheetos these might not do. I know when we open a bag around here no one can stop eating them until they are gone.

Here are the nutrition facts comparing them to Cheetos Natural White Cheddar Cheese Puffs

Cheetos WC Smart Puff
Calories 150 130
Fat Calories 80 60
Fat 9g 6g
Sodium 290mg 50mg

Not a huge difference and everything else is close. I’m sure regular cheetos would have higher numbers.

ZitaElgin, MN

Like Cheese Jax not Cheetos

I was expecting the Cheetos like snacks that are in the Chaos mix (which is quite yummy), but that’s not what these are. They are thick and airy like Jax, not hard a crunchy like Cheetos. They taste good, but if you’re looking for crunchy, this isn’t it.

Does anyone know if they sell the Cheetos like stuff that’s in Chaos by itself?

IsobelCaro, MI


Robert’s Smart Puffs are not fake orange-colored like the big corporate name brands. Very cheesy and oh so delicious. Try them! You won’t be sorry. But be warned, they are seriously addictive. 🙂
AmadoFortuna, MO

Much better than that Orange Brand

Corn meal never tasted this good.

These Smart Puffs are less salty, contain no dusty orange coloring and don’t leave your hands and teeth looking like you ate a ball of fake orange cheese. They melt in your mouth.

I would definitely recommend these to a Cheetos addict to let them see what a more natural like product tastes like.

These contain real dairy ingredients and whey, for those who are allergic to milk.

My only complaint is the price. At over thirty bucks a case these are quite expensive. Grab these when they go on sale for under twenty bucks.

HenriettaValley Center, KS

Smart Puffs

When I found out that you couldn’t eat popcorn with braces, I got these for my kids instead. They really liked them (almost better than popcorn!), and the best part is they are very healthy for you. They are made with real cheese, and have a lot of vegetables. I would recommend this product to anyone.
WildaHowe, ID

They didn’t all make it to the lunchbox

I purchased these as a treat for my kid’s lunchbox. She loves they dayglow yellow puffs. She liked these better. Sadly, so did I. : )
SamualWoodlawn, IL


I love cheesy snacks that aren’t entirely bad for me. I find these are convenient to bring to work.
SuzanMaupin, OR

Tasty, wholesome snack!

If you like cheese doodles, you’ll love these. All natural and very cheesy! Love the portion control packages!
LavetaHurt, VA


these are awesome. period. my family loves them and they are the healthy alternative to other snacks so these will probably become a staple in our snack pantry!
ChelseaOnekama, MI

Better than your regular cheese puffs

My kids LOVE these. We are a gluten free family. Snacks that work with our diet are hard to find. Smart puffs are not only tasty, they also use REAL ingredients. Perfect for a restricted diet.
LouannSuccess, MO


Robert’s American Gourmet Smart Puffs are addictive and delicious! All natural, good flavor and no chemical-aftertaste–cause there are none. Guilt free snacking!
InellDescanso, CA


Great snack for whole family. Everyone likes them, from the 2-year old to the teens, grandma too. The most popular (in this house) of all the Roberts snacks.
ColettaBlue Jay, WV

You like those cheeta brand cheese curls?

These cheese curls taste much better that biscuit company variety, being a much more enjoyable, cheesier experience. They are preservative, guilt free, low in saturated fat, and a rather nice expiration period, so you don’t have to worry much about gorging on them before they expire.
MaritzaBryans Road, MD

delicious, cheesy, lowfat — what more can we ask?

Delicious, no problem w/ arriving stale. Nice size for lunches — my kids and I like them more than cheetos. And no msg, or food coma feelings after eating them — nice and light, satisfying.
OleviaMammoth Lakes, CA

A Light and Delicious Snack

I have always loved cheese puffs but finding the perfect one was difficult.

Cheeto’s “Dangerously Cheesy” Cheese Puffs were disgusting. I do not think their “cheese” is even real cheese. I wanted something plainer and healthier for myself.

I have tired smaller companies but they always ended getting bankrupt or discontinuing their plaining cheese puffs.

Finally, I tried Smart Puffs from my local supermarket. I was a little skeptical; they were so cheap! When I got home and popped one in my mouth, I was so surprised each puff was lightly covered in cheese. Each puff was not completely crunchy; they sort of slowly melt in your mouth as you chew!

I will definitely recommend anyone who looking for a healthy snack alternative this product.

A healthy snack
Lightly covered in cheese
Delicious, too!

It is so hard to put down a bag!

MaricelaPitman, NJ

Still too expensive………


On sale for 62 cents a bag. Not cheap enough for me. Why won’t Amazon put some extraordinary deals out there for us parents who want to send our college kids a special goodie to share with their dorm?

SheldonValmy, NV

Great substitute for other cheese puffs

Yum Yum!!! I bought a case of these for a camping trip my daughter was going on with her cross country team…they LOVED them. Good flavor, texture, and a nice substitute for other cheesey flavored snacks.
RoyEndwell, NY

A Mouthful of air

This is a snack that I can’t find in our local markets. I ordered a case of puffs from on a whim. Shoping for food online was a first for me. When this huge box arrived my wife and I couldn’t believe the size of it. We had a good laugh unpacking 24 bags of Smart Puffs and ate one bag full right away. The puffs tasted quite good and with the reasonably healthful ingredients they contain we did not feel guilty eating them.

The puffs have a pleasant natural cheese taste. However, eating Gourmet Smart Puffs is a somewhat startling experience. Pop a couple of the puffs into your mouth chew a few times and it feels like a crunchy mouthful of cheesy air. Is that strange or what?

I think I would like a bit more substance to my snacks, but I guess one can’t have it all and still remain reasonably healthy. Smart puffs do not seem like junk food.

Oh, by the way, your fingers do not get all yellow eating Smart Puffs. I have ordered my second case of Robert’s Smart Puffs.

TroyMeadview, AZ


I love Pirate’s booty aged white cheddar and thought these would be just as good- but was I WRONG! They are awful-no pleasant crunch-no flavor at all! I am going to try the other Pirate Booty flavors in a variety pack and hope they are not as foul as these. Don’t know how they got these so wrong when the aged white cheddar is so DELICIOUS!!!
LudivinaVest, KY

Great GF Snack

I am gluten free so I am always looking to have grab and go items available. My kids love these puffs, and so do I.

Lots of them for a reasonable calorie count.

LaquandaLamberton, MN

Yummy As Always

I love these. They’re cheesy, crunchy, and a relatively healthy junk food. They put cheetos to shame on all levels. I also couldn’t be happier that they’re gluten free. I love the individual packages; it keeps the product fresher longer and helps maintain portion control. These can be especially addictive.
MartyHalifax, NC


Awesome product…It is hard to find things with low sugar, low salt, and low fat with a great taste. This product definately fits the bill!
HaBuchanan, VA

No good.

Pros: Low Cal. Cons: Hardly any flavor. Seriously, I taste nothing but “puff”. They get stale fast, and the bag always tears when opening. Always! Very annoying. Sorry, if you want cheddar flavor, look elsewhere. These remind me of rice crackers.
KathyDryden, VA