Smithers Vegetarian Vegetable Broth Concentrate, 32-Ounce Bottle

Smithers Broth Concentrates are full flavored, clear liquid concentrates to use as a drink or flavor booster for meats, soup, gravies, vegetables, noodles and rice. Unlike hard bouillon cubes or dry granules, Smithers convenient concentrated liquids dissolve quickly, easily and completely in hot water. They’re ready in seconds and make a warm soothing beverage for post-op patients requiring a liquid diet.

Quick facts

  • Pack of two, 32-ounce bottles (total of 64 ounces)
  • Free of cholesterol, fat, gluten, MSG
  • Made in USA

Top reviews

extremely salty

I just added 2 tbsp to the dish and it turned out to be very salty. I am not sure how else I can use this product. Will search for any good recipe that can go with this and will update this review, until then it is a waste.
FlorentinaRedcrest, CA

Nice Flavor

Easy to use when making rice, adds a nice touch instead of salt. Used it when cooking some broccoli,mushrooms and carrots and I thought it had a great flavor. It is concentrated so use accordingly.
SophieMarkesan, WI