Smokehouse 100-Percent Natural Meaty Mammoth Bone Dog Treat

Smokehouse Mammoth Bones are slow roasted and naturally processed to ensure maximum flavor and hours of enjoyment. We leave plenty of meat on the bone to keep your dog happy. A great treat for dogs who love them all.

Quick facts

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  • Use Made Meaty Mammoth Bone. Dog Feeders
  • Manufacturer part number: 80625
  • 100-percent natural beef bone
  • Slow roasted and smoked to perfection for a rich savory flavor
  • Tasty beef bone will keep your dog busy for hours
  • Ideal for medium or large dogs
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Top reviews

100% Natural Meaty Mammoth Boner

I have a pet saber tooth tiger that loves tasty snacks like bones, meat chunks, cow gristle, etc. I was looking for something that would take time for him to chew. The Mammoth Bone is perfect, since the woolly Mammoth is a natural prey of a saber tooth tiger.

I wouldn’t say it’s “Meaty” since a bone by definition has no meat. I guess the brown part of it is some type of ligament or chunks of skin that didn’t get pulled off in the factory. It’s costly to get a bone really clean unless you use hydraulic acid, but then, it wouldn’t be “100% Natural” and it’d probably be very dangerous for animals or termites to eat.

I’ve tried the bone a few times, it has a zesty flavor to it, sort of like it was barbecued on an open pit flame and doused with vinegar and pork grinds.

I don’t think if your dog is a vegetarian, that he would like this because it comes from some animal part I’m guessing. Which part, I don’t yet know. Also, there’s no instructions, so if you have small Weiner dogs, you might want to grind this up before giving it to them since it can crush their aorta.

TylerBailey Island, ME

Not Good

This bone made my dog very sick. She is a Greater Swiss Mountain dog and although she enjoyed the bone it gave her terrible diarrhea. Make sure you monitor you dog if you buy this. I will not be buying again.
UrsulaPlainville, CT

Bone chucks are a blockage hazard.

This was an X-mas gift for my dog and he loved it. Then a couple days later he stopped eating, threw up bile everywhere, and became very lethargic. I took him to the vet and there in his intestine was a nice chunk of the bone. The medical bills cost two and a half times the dog but he recovered after quite a bit of worrying on my part.

This product is purchased for the express purpose of a dog chewing on it, but unlike rawhide it is not digestible and can cause serious problems including the need for surgery. I’m sure this is very rare, but do you really want to risk it? Babies tend to chew on things, would you give a baby something that you knew might cause it to choke?

If you buy this product, at the very least, watch your dog like a hawk or you could be dealing with a very sick and expensive pet.

FredericaFriendship, NY

not worth it!

dogs played with it for a while,I wanted to order another one when i stumbled on the same bone at raleys for way less than what i paid here. will deff not get this stuff again,I suggest to get a real raw meaty bones,they will cost less,plus they are way better for your dogs,not only for their teeth but they have vitamins in them.
LakenyaOuzinkie, AK

Yech. Ever wonder where dead cow bones go?

This is a dead cow bone painted with greasy gravy. Sure it appeals to big dogs, but my vet advised me highly against feeding these to my dog as they will A) upset their stomach and B) chunks can break off during chewing (80 lb german shepherd puppy) and become lodged in the dogs’ throat requiring surgery. It’s not worth it – buy the rawhide chews that the dogs can’t bite off pieces. Each bone is random here – the rawhides are predictable from experience. I returned this to amazon after it came up in a search for large rawhide bones.
NataliaEmlyn, KY

Big bone for BIG dogs

My dogs have always loved bones, but for some reason they didn’t care for this one. I don’t know why, so I’m not subtracting for that. I gave it to a neighbor for her dog, and it was a hit. Keep in mind that this is a really big bone, so make sure it’s purchased for a really big dog. My largest dog is 20 pounds, and it was too big for him. Also keep in mind that this is a real bone with the qualities of real bones. Once out of the wrapper, two big pieces separated from the joint at one end of the bone I got. This isn’t a minus as long as you remember you’re getting a BIG, REAL bone.
LucretiaTyner, IN

This is a little embarrassing, but…

When they say mammoth, they mean mammoth.

I thought I was buying a bone on the large side. Uh, the thing weighs a ton and looks like the shin bone of a cow. Or a dinosaur. It’s 18″ long. It would take my dog about a year of gnawing, but he’d be happy the whole time.

DimpleArkabutla, MS

Dogs loved it!

i have a Pit Bull, Queensland Heeler and a mutt, they all loved the bone… I let them chew on it for a little while everyday.. sometimes big chunks break off and I usually take those from them (Im paranoid the piece will get stuck and choke them) .. I recommend you supervise your pup when they’re chewing on these, just to be safe.. Highly recommended, especially for bigger dogs.
MiaCarbon, IN

awesome bone

$11 is a great deal when 3 weeks later it is still keeping my parent’s bull mastiff busy. Nothing else last more than a few hours. Would definitly buy again!
AdrienneFork Union, VA

It’ll come back to haunt you

And by haunt you, I mean in the form of vomit all over the place. Though my dog, a 150lb. Newfoundland, absolutely loved the bone but even after just a few minutes chewing it, he had managed to gnaw off some bone slivers and swallowed them. Shortly after that he was throwing up, not just the bone slivers, but everything he had eaten for what seemed like days. So, while it seemed great to give him a treat that he loved so thoroughly, the aftermath just wasn’t worth it.
NatashaKellnersville, WI

So-So..but not too bad

When it arrived, the box was kind of beat up…and my brother’s Siberian Husky kept staring at it.
He definitely knew something in the box was for him.
The wrapping was rather difficult to open, very messy and a chunk of the “bone” fell off…I didn’t trust that chunk so I tossed it…
After the flavor’s gone, the pooch got bored fast…it’s very heavy, and he’d rather Try to feast on my 65$ shoes again…
It’s not bad, because it does keep him busy for a few weeks.
But, for the price I paid, I want the bone gone and him very happy with it after a long long time.
VellaPownal, ME

Tasty – but small and not lasting

The quality of this bone has left me disappointed. It is also smaller than advertised, only about 12 inches.

This is the second bone of this type that I have purchased. I will exclude the brand name of the first because I cannot remember it. It’s been that long since it was purchased. Granted, I bought that bone when the dog was still teething, it has lasted for close to 10 months now. At one point, I sawed it in half and gave a piece to my sister’s dog because she loves it.

My point is that the previous bone has withstood much more heavy chewing than the Smokehouse brand. It arrived not even 36 hours ago, my dog chewing on it for about 3 of those hours, and she has already worked off one of the ball joint ends (about 3-4 inches). She’s a Pitbull mix and she is just shredding through this thing.

I should add that it has not made her sick and she does enjoy it greatly. However, if you are under the impression that this bone will last for a while, you will be disappointed.

MohammedWallington, NJ

Dogs love it and it can probably serve as a self defense weapon!

It is HUGE, as is expected from a “mammoth” bone. We got one for out Great Dane puppy a few months ago, when she was just 4 months, and she loved it. It was so cute to watch her try to carry out, but we only give it her so often. She will do many tricks to earn access to it time and time again. Although its huge and could last forever I threw out the first one after a month or so because I didnt want her eating through the whole thing and it does not have a pleasant odor. But if you want bang for you buck and have a big/giant breed dog its a no-brainer. I recently went to the pet store with LeeLoo and bought her 2nd mammoth bone there ($17.99- amazon is superior in that area) and oh wow, after I picked it up she was soo excited, and Im lucky as she isnt a hyper-excited but a “Im-going-to-be-really-focused-on-that-bone-so-you-know-I-want-it-as-I-behave-better-than-usual-now-so-that-you-bestow-that-glorious-bone-upon-me” well.
RenaeLu Verne, IA


i have a boxer/pit mix and she loves this bone! its been keeping her very busy. only thing is if you have nice carpet this may be an outside bone. i’m glad i got it though!!!
CoreyGrover, PA

Good Quality

This bone is VERY BIG. So for the price it is definitely a good deal. It will last over a year for my 2 big dogs (1 a Labrador, the other a golden retriever) even if they chew it every day.
TammyBranford, FL

smokehouse natural meaty mammoth bone

Smokehouse Dog Mammoth Bone. This dog bone is fantastic and the BEST bone ever!! No self-respecting dog would be without this bone. I got this for a Christmas present for my son’s dog in Michigan. (I got the same bone last year.) Bailey is a 91 lb male lab. My son wouldn’t give the bone to Bailey last year until spring, when Bailey could tear into it outside. Ben, my son, wouldn’t give Bailey the bone inside ~ he thought it would stain the carpet. This is such a fabulous bone, I got the same thing for Bailey this Christmas! My grand dog loves me for sure; (I think my son does too, but is just a little disconcerted.)

I also like the price on Amazon. I paid much more than that, plus shipping, last year.

Gayle Thielsen

ShanelleCody, WY

Truth in advertising!

this bone is huge, and really does appear to be the thighbone of a wooly mammoth. looks tasty but a little messy. days/ weeks of chewing enjoyment for large dogs
SamathaFranklinton, LA

Lasts a long time!

When these bones arrived, my dog KNEW that something inside the box was for her. On Christmas day, we opened up the box and unwrapped one of her bones. The knuckle fell off (i’m assuming it got tossed around a lot in shipping) but no worries, Munchkin ate that as well. We put the bone on her blanked she normally uses to play on to help keep the mess down. Munchkin, a 100-pound 8 month-old Newfoundland is STILL working on her bone. Lasts a long time and provides hours of chewing time!
KatiOtto, NC

Mammoth bones are HUGE

I bought two of these for my daughter’s dogs. They were literally “stunned”by the size. Her larger dog would not leave the bone. She finally had to take it from him so he would go for a walk! The smaller dog (30 pounds) could barely lift her bone. I highly recommend this product, if just for the amusement factor, but the dogs loved to chew them also. probably not appropriate for a small space or a tiny dog.
MerrieWest Glover, VT

Still working on this bone

My two Pitbulls are still working on this wonderful bone. The only negative thing is that its not sealed properly and little bits of skin and baked flesh peel off into the shipping box. My dogs KNEW what it was before I opened the box.
MiguelCrossville, TN

Bad Bone

I bought this item prior to christmas 2011, and once it arrived i gave it to my dog, who (of course) began slobbering all over it. He spent the next 2 days, after i threw the bone away, vomiting all over everything. I dont know if i got a bad item, or if they are all like this, but i would strongly recommend going elsewhere for your pets chew-toy needs.
LetaBanner, MS

The BEST!!!!

My 3 Dobermans are in heaven!!!! These bones are HUGE. There is some smoked meat on them too. Even my picky dog loves them. I put the box down & went to the car to get some other stuff. When I got back, she was “unpacking” the box. They might seem expensive, but they are a bargain.
FredrickaLost Creek, PA

My dogs love these bones! 😀

Both my dogs are aggressive chewers. I usually give them rawhide everyday but I’ve been hearing that rawhides are actually bad for dogs so I decided I’d cut down on how many I give them.
I got two of these bones, one each for my dogs. I expected them to chew off some of the good crunchiness off of it and then leave it alone but no, they really enjoy them. They chew them up until the tops of the bones have fallen off and then they keep on chewing. It lasts my dogs for about 2 days but then they get bored with it and I’ll feed them some other kind of bones or rawhide but they’ll keep going back to the bones.
I’ve already ordered another order for them and I’m here to make a third purchase for them. So, I’m pretty happy with them.
On the side of caution..not only does the boney ends get chewed off, if you’re worried about choking hazards, which I don’t cause they’re really big pieces, the bone does break apart after some chewing on it.
Also, these bones can be quite messy. I’m use to cleaning up after my dogs so that doesn’t bother me much until they decided to lug the bones on to the bed and start chewing. I thought nothing of it at first because the motion of them chewing on the bones lulled me to sleep. But during the night I kept feeling these little hard pieces of bone debris. I woke up, turned on the light and my sheets were covered in a little snow fall of bone debris. So, I wouldn’t recommend allowing your dog to bring them up on your furniture for that reason.
Otherwise, any aggressive chewer will really enjoy this bone.
JonnaEast Haven, CT

Huge and messy

I got this for my sisters jackabee in NYC. She was not happy about it. Apparently it makes a mess all over the apartment… But her dog loves it. And thats the important thing. The dog was a little intimidated by it, but very quickly warmed up to it and started dragging it everywhere. Much to my sisters chagrin. So I would say this is definiately for large outside dogs. My sister now keeps it in the dog food until she can supervise its consumption in a safe area. The dog didnt get sick from it or have any adverse side effects as some other reviewers indicated.

This bone is perfect for the large loved outdoor dog in your life!

IndiaSomerset, OH


I have a pure bred German Sheppard that is 7 months old and this thing is bigger than her head. She loves it and I will be buying her another one after she destroys this one.
ErvinBalfour, ND

it arrived quickly,

It was just as HUGE as I thought it would be, my adult dog knawed off the ends and then seemed bored, untill our younger pup decided she wanted to play with it too, lol, it was/is worth the purchase
KrystalMount Washington, NH

dog bone

My dog loves these bones and this is the easiest way to shop for them.
WendieGarden City, AL

Buster and Max

The dogs loved this. They will lay and chew on the bone everynight. Best treat ever and it last a long time for large dogs.
MarianelaStanardsville, VA

smokehouse is an excellant brand

I commented on someones review of this product whos dog became very ill, which caused me to look at some of the other negitive reviews and I would like to offer information about this product and my experiance with smokehouse. I have purchased this brand for many years. I have also purchased other brands. None of my dogs has every gotten sick from a smokehouse bone. At one point I purchased a bag of 3 bones that were a differant brand, when I opened up the bag a cloud of mold poofed into the air. Obviously I didnt give them to my dogs. My point is this the brand this happened with is well known and reliable, but that doesnt mean nothing ever goes wrong. Most people at sometime in their life have purchased a moldy loaf of bread, or cheese or even gone to a resturant where there was something very definantly wrong with the food. It may not happen often but when it does its dangerous, and unpleasant. But we still continue to buy food at the grocery store and go to resturants.

There are differances in opinions of even vets as to whether or not you should use properly cured beef bones or raw hide chews. I have never had a problem with the cured beef bones from smokehouse and I know of vets that recommend bones vs rawhide chews and rawhide chews vs cured beef bones. Yes pieces of bone can be broken off, swallowed, and then get lodged in the system, I also know of dogs that have had rawhide chews that have caused serious health issues. If a dog gets a large enough piece of rawhide swallowed, contrary to what some think it does not get fully digested and can also cause vomiting and even a blockage.

When you deal with food whether its for pets or humans things do go wrong.

The smokehouse bones keep my dogs teeth free of tartar, they have fun, Im happy and have never had a problem. I under no circumstances will give my dogs rawhide anything. Ive know of several dogs that have had issues with rawhide and only one dog that had a minor problem with a cured beef bone and it was not a smokehouse bone.

JulietRed Oak, OK

Upset Tummy

While my dog really enjoyed this for a few hours before going to bed the next morning she threw up all her dinner. This did not sit well with her tummy. So I don’t think she will be getting it back to finish it. It still has quite a bit on it. Buyer beware if your dog has a delicate stomach. I really wish this would have worked.
VoncileIdeal, SD