Smokehouse 100-Percent Natural Turkey Breast Dog Treats, Reseal Bag

Smokehouse 84253 USA Turkey Breast 6oz Dog Treats are made of 100% U.S.D.A. inspected turkey breast. They are made in the USA. Smokehouse naturally enhances their color and flavor by roasting them in their own natural juices. All these treats are made from raw materials sourced from U.S.D.A. meat plants. This is sure to become a favorite of dogs and dog owners alike.

Quick facts

  • 100-Percent Usda Inspected Turkey Breast
  • Slow Roasted Up To Enhance Color And Flavor
  • High protein dog treat that is great as a training aid or reward
  • A Tasty Healthy Treat With The Real Flavor Of Turkey
  • Made In The U.S.A.

Top reviews

My dogs love these………

Smokehouse 84253 USA Turkey Breast 6oz Reseal Bag are a special treat for my three dogs (Steve and Edie and Sam); they go crazy when they hear the bag being opened. Aside from the fact that they love these strips, I love them because they are made in the US, NOT CHINA!!! If you look at dog (or kitty) treats most of them are from China; it’s very hard to find products that aren’t made there. These are the exception and the dogs love them!!
KeniaHoyleton, IL

These treats made our dog violently ill; irradiated at too high a level?

We were looking for a 100% meat treat for our dog, sourced and also made in the USA; this particular Smokehouse USA treat fit the bill (though others under the same label do not). Initially, we were excited that our dog seemed to love the taste of these treats (she ate the two strips we gave her with gusto), especially since she’s very picky about most “healthy” stuff for dogs.

However, not long after ingesting these, she became violently ill with gastrointestinal symptoms continuing for days. Non-stop diarrhea was the worst part of it. Aside from these treats, nothing else in her diet was different than usual. Her appetite is still not back to normal, and it’s been a month now. She’s listless and just doesn’t seem like herself yet, though the GI issues are OK now.

I wanted to warn people that these treats are irradiated, since the listing here on Amazon doesn’t indicate it. There’s a seal on the back of the package stating, “Treated with radiation for your safety”. Since a number of foods are irradiated for human and pet consumption and thought to be safe, I’m not sure if unsafe levels of radiation was the issue in our case, or if it was simple food poisoning.

Either way, I wish I’d known the treats were irradiated before I bought them, especially since the irradiated Orijen cat food imported to Australia in 2008 ended up being the cause of death and illness for many cats. It’s getting harder and harder to stay healthy in this world, but being forewarned of potential issues is better than lack of awareness at all. And I won’t be buying more Smokehouse USA products, regardless of what the source of our issue was.

(See article re: feline deaths/illnesses from Orijen cat food irradiated at entry into Australia (2008), here:[…]

ArnulfoUnion Grove, AL

Not what I expected

We were having a hard time finding turkey dog treats in our local pet stores so I turned to the web. Although these treats were much more expensive than this we usually buy, I bit the turkey and ordered them as they are our little dogs favorite. Sad to say, these are really like rawhide, not like jerky. They are much harder to chew and she can’t even bite through them. Considering the price paid plus shipping, we are not at all satisfied.
JosephineEtoile, TX