Smokehouse USA Prime Chicken Chips

Smokehouse Prime Chips for dogs are a wonderful treat made from the finest chicken breast tenders. This is a 100-percent natural treat that contains no fillers, preservatives, artificial flavors, chemicals or colorings. The perfect size for all dogs and work as a great training treat or reward. Made right here in the USA with all domestic ingredients. Prime Chips come in a number of different flavors so be sure to try them all. Your dogs will love them and love you for giving them this tasty healthy natural treat.

Quick facts

  • Made From The Finest Chicken Breast Tenders
  • 100-Percent Natural Treat
  • Perfect size for all dogs
  • Resealable Bag
  • Made In The Usa 100-Percent Natural Dog Treats Made From The Finest Chicken Breast High Protein Dog Treat That Is Great As A Training Aid Or Reward Made In The U.S.A.
  • 100-percent natural dog treats
  • Made from the finest chicken breast
  • High protein dog treat that is great as a training aid or reward
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Top reviews

chicken dog chips 16 oz

Item has gone up in price $5.00 use to be less. I am shopping at a defferent place next time. Thank you
VirgilioAcushnet, MA

Made in the USA

I trust only items that are made in the USA. I believe they tend to be safer than those made abroad. My one dog has gotten extremely sick from eating some treats that were made overseas, but never from those made in the USA. Best of all, my dogs love the treats. Ordered three bags before and going to order more!
JodieLakeville, MN

Good treats, better buys locally

My dog loves these treats, but I can buy them locally and get a better deal. Also, the treats that cam in the 16 ounce package are smaller than the ones I buy in the 8 ounce package. I don’t know if that’s a consistent difference, but it’s noticeably smaller in the package I purchased from Amazon.
RandellWeyerhaeuser, WI

too hard

Bought these by mistake, normally I get the strips for my dog from the same seller and she loves them. Well, she definitely doesn’t like these and I don’t want to give them to her either- they are too hard and I am concerned sshe’ll break a tooth.
JericaWillits, CA

Smokehouse chicken chips

My dog, a fox terrier and a feline cat love these as treats. It hard to find the chips in the pet stores, because the strips, my dog is small and the cat is the same size. Eight pounds each.
NelidaNew Haven, MI

Great for Diabetic Dogs

My dog has diabetes and this is about the only treat out there we can give her. She loves them. She is an American Eskimo, and they love to chew. This gives her lots of things to chew on. The bag has a resealable closure, but we put ours in a little plastic container anyway. These are a little expensive but better on Amazon than anywhere. Also, Amazon delivers stuff when it says, and my dog doesn’t like waiting. Or more to the point, I don’t like my dog having to wait.
PetraScott Air Force Base, IL

Watch your shipping costs or they will get you!

My dog actually liked these treats. I usually try and give away when she rejects new treats. I love the made in use. they smelled good and she eats them when I soak them in water a bit so they soften up. this is my second purchase and I bought 2 bags but was charged $28 for shipping! Outrageous. this is the second time Amazon has murdered me on shippping costs when I reordered an item. Although I like the USA treats be careful they dont soak you for the ship. I am looking elsewhere now.
ClaraVictor, NY

yum yum

if there is such a thing as a hound, who is a pickie eater I have one. As a rule he doesn’t like treats, but these he actually looks forward to. Just the right size.
KerenWilliston, SC